A Different Perspective: Christmas in 18th century’s

A Different Perspective: Christmas in 18th century’s When we think about Christmas, we always think of Santa, gifts, snowman and Christmas tree. Christmas celebrations have changed a lot over this period of time. If we look back into the past centuries, celebrations used to start many days before we celebrate Christmas in the 21st century. Going back to the 18th century when Christmas was celebrated with spiritual happiness, it was a lot different from the kind of celebrations and arrangements we have today. At that time, the main focus was on adults rather than children, perhaps because of the post-revolutionary war. Adults used to indulge in various activities to give their personal touch. Read the rest of this entry »

Reasons To Celebrate Memorial Day

Reasons To Celebrate Memorial DayA tribute to people who have fallen dead in the War

Memorial Day, a mark of beginning of summer vacations for some people but it is the day of remembering those brave lion-hearted soldiers who died while serving American armed forces. A federal holiday in America, it is a tribute to American military soldiers who have lost their life in protecting their country’s prestige and honor. Celebrated every year on the last Monday of May, it is also known as Decoration Day, which was started after the American Civil war fought in 1868. On this day, the graves of soldiers died in war are decorated with flowers.
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Gift For Your Colleagues At Work

Gift For Your Colleagues At Work Are you confused about what to give your colleagues at a holiday party in the office?

Still not sure what to buy for your co-worker which makes him or her happy? Here are 20 amazing ideas which will most likely bring a smile on your colleagues face after seeing your gift:

Desk Organizer:
Give your colleague a desk organizer in which he/ she can hold all the memos. A pen holder with notepad is also a good gift option.
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Do It Yourself: A “Unique” Diaper Cake Step By Step

Do It Yourself: A “Unique” Diaper Cake Step By Step You friend has thrown a baby shower party to welcome her new baby and have made all party invitations, the arrangement of food, decorative items. Make her baby shower party different and unique from the rest of the parties. Now it might be bothering you as to what to gift her on her baby shower. Well, a great idea would be gifting her a Diaper cake for the baby.

If you are creative, then bring out your creativity and design a diaper cake. First, you need to think about the material used in making the diaper cake. For making a perfect diaper cakes, you need tissue rolls, tissue papers, some colorful ribbons, diapers, cardboard sheet, some artificial flowers, glue, etc.
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Do It Yourself: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Do It Yourself: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas Homemade baskets are a special way to give gifts to your near and dear ones. Homemade gift baskets can bring warm smile on anyone’s face. These baskets are packed with love and care. One can even apply their creative skills to make the gift basket look all the more attractive and different among others:

Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets
Gifting a home-made basket on Christmas is a perfect way of celebrating Christmas. As Christmas is celebrated in winter, all special winter food such as cookies, cake, etc. could be included in such basket. Homemade jam, pudding, Christmas crackers, juice, sauce, pies, etc. could also be added in the Christmas basket with a cute plush Santa sitting on the top. Decorate basket with Christmas stars, bells or ribbons to exude the feeling of Christmas.
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10 Awesome Gifts Your Dogs Won’t Resist!

10 Awesome Gifts Your Dogs Won’t Resist! A dog is man’s best friend, bright light in life in the dark shallow times. A dog remains loyal to the owner no matter how rough time can be. So gifting dog for his loyalty is a great idea. There are many dog lovers who gift their pet dogs on different occasions. They treat them like their own family members. So here are 10 amazing gifts for dogs to make them feel special and dear:
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Flowers With Romantic Meaning

Flowers With Romantic MeaningFlowers can bring a bright smile on anyone’s face. Gifting flower on different occasions is a trend followed by many people all over the world. Flowers carry freshness and fragrance which can hypnotize people of all ages. Nature has given a varied form of flowers to make the world look all the more enigmatic. Flowers are a perfect gift to show heart felt emotions towards someone. However, different flowers convey different symbolic meanings. Here are some of the most cherished flowers to share romantic feelings with someone special:
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10 Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas

10 Unusual Gift Wrap IdeasGone are the days when gift wrapping is done with colorful papers only. Nowadays, people prefer a unique style of gift wrapping to make it stylish and increase the excitement level. Give a creative touch while wrapping a gift, and enhance the value of your gift a notch up. Here are 10 ideas which are easy and quick enough to give perhaps the best look to a gift:
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10 Gift Ideas For Baby Shower

Mickey Mouse Baby Boy Basket Motherhood is one of the most exciting feelings for any women. Baby shower is a special occasion for any pregnant women to welcome her baby in the new world with loads of gifts and blessings. Gifts showered on the baby and his or her new mother has its own sentiments and value. Here are 10 best baby shower gifts for welcoming a new life in this world:
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6 Tips For Bridal Shower: Gifts You can Offer To The Bride

6 Tips For Bridal Shower: Gifts You can Offer To The Bride
Are you thinking about what to gift your best friend on her bridal shower? Here are some great tips and ideas that will help you choose the best gift for your best friend.

First decide your budget as it is important to know how much you can spend. In the bridal shower, $ 50 to $70 is a good amount to buy gifts. Handmade gifts like the photo album of her, from childhood to adulthood or school days to college days are the best gifts to your best friend. This will define your true friendship and bring back old memories.
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