10 Gift Ideas For Baby Shower

Mickey Mouse Baby Boy Basket Motherhood is one of the most exciting feelings for any women. Baby shower is a special occasion for any pregnant women to welcome her baby in the new world with loads of gifts and blessings. Gifts showered on the baby and his or her new mother has its own sentiments and value. Here are 10 best baby shower gifts for welcoming a new life in this world:

1. Hand-made gifts:
Hand-made gifts which are made by grandmother or aunts are, perhaps, the best gifts for would be moms. Old clothes which were worn by moms themselves are attached with sweet memories from the time when she was a child. These clothes were kept safe by the grandmother for their future grandchild because the history of her own child is connected with them. This makes it more special.

Little Safari Girl Baby Gift Basket2. Baby sling:
Baby loves warmth, and always wants to remain close to his or her mother and father. These baby slings help parents to carry their babies anywhere without occupying their arms. The sling offers comfort to both the baby and parents. Parents can do their work while carrying a baby with them. This gives a chance to look after baby and work simultaneously.

3. Baby nappies.
Baby nappies or diapers are another usable gift for any mother on the baby shower. Diapers, tissue wipes and diaper bag are essential for a baby. This provides the much needed comfort to a baby while he or she is napping or perhaps playing. If parents are going somewhere out, these things are important to maintain the hygiene of their baby.

4. Toys:
Toys are loved by all toddlers as well as children. Toys given as gifts have their own attraction such as rattles, soft toys, big rubber balls etc. Baby enjoys playing with these toys. Tethers should be given because some babies always chew toys while they are growing up. Toys in no time become their best friends.

5. Baby Bathing kit:
A baby bathing kit is another gift which would come handy for the new mothers. Kit loaded with baby shampoo, mild soap, baby lotion, baby oil, baby talk and baby cream to moisten baby’s skin can be very useful. It is important to note that baby skin can be very sensitive and these items do not have any irritating effect on the baby’s skin.

Hooray For Twins Three Tier Diaper Cake6. Baby bedding:
A soft baby bedding includes a baby pillow, baby mattress with baby blanket comes in decent variety and color. Baby bedding with animal print on it or some cartoons are loved by both parents and babies. Since their baby is special to them, they desire something very special for their baby. Baby bedding is one special baby shower gift which is preferred by many parents.

7. Baby monitor:
Technology has brought so many new products in the market, and one of them is baby breath checking gadget. This breath checking gadget is designed to check baby’s faintest breaths. Since baby can’t speak early, this monitor helps in keeping a close eye on his or her regular breathing.

8. Baby Pram:
Baby pram is another sought after choice for gifting purpose on baby shower. As we all know small babies crawl here and there while their mother is occupied with work, in such situation, pram comes very handy. This provides her the much needed comfort whilst guarding the baby. In fact, babies also enjoy in the rolling pram.

9. Baby food:

Gifting baby food or baby milk bottle or baby spoon, etc. is yet another good example to offer as a gift for baby shower.

10. Baby bean bag:
Baby bean bag is a soft bean bag where baby can sleep, relax and play and be taken care as well. So let you kid play with his or her favorite toys in the comfortable bag.

11. Baby photo frames:
Gifting photo frames to keep snaps of growing stages of the baby can be a good option for would be mothers.
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18 Responses to “10 Gift Ideas For Baby Shower”

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  • Willie Guerrero:

    Good ideas. I would buy baby breath checking gadget

  • Camille:

    I prefer baby nappies or diapers…. useful and important things, such as baby bathing kit

  • Loretta Jensen:

    I think baby booties and soft blankets or gifts for nursing mother would be appreciated

  • Stacy:

    Baby wipes
    I make gift baskets for my friends. Just choose wrapping and baby accessories

  • hoow12:

    Super, like it

  • Angel:

    there is tutorial for how to make a baby shower gift basket
    need to try something gorgous and creative

  • Q2dean:

    This is probably the reason why many expecting mothers love to have a baby shower. Well, the arrival of the baby must be celebrated.

  • Margarita:

    Here’s some of the things that I found useful :) Congratulations to anyone who is expecting!!

  • Vanessa - JJ:

    It would have been soooo helpful to know how much these things cost.

  • Velma Burke:

    Thanks for ideas! Baby Shower party is one of the best memorable moments for the mother-to-be and also for the family.

  • Jeff Mccoy:

    All good, but I like most Baby Sling like its very helpful for mom and dad and baby also comfortable with this. A parent can go anywhere freely and can do their work easily. Thanks for sharing!

  • Koroe..Smile:

    I always love giving handmade baby blankets.

  • Sana:

    Perfect because I am going to a Baby Shower on Saturday

  • Adskiku00yekeq:

    Great ideas for someone like me who doesn’t have children however would like to give an amazing gift

  • Ritaleery:

    New subscriber here!!! Love your posts!!!!

  • Rachel:

    I’m off to a baby shower for my sister next month and I’m trying to come up with ideas for a great gift. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • Oprytepot:

      As a gift I always like to give a box or basket of things that I found useful

      • Rachel:

        Thank you. I was trying so hard to think of a great gift idea that was practical, but also unique, possible handmade gift..

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