10 Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas

10 Unusual Gift Wrap IdeasGone are the days when gift wrapping is done with colorful papers only. Nowadays, people prefer a unique style of gift wrapping to make it stylish and increase the excitement level. Give a creative touch while wrapping a gift, and enhance the value of your gift a notch up. Here are 10 ideas which are easy and quick enough to give perhaps the best look to a gift:

1. Printable gift boxes:
Boxes with different prints look gorgeous. These come in different shapes and style. In these unique pattern style boxes, small gifts could be packed. It has enough space to type your personal message or wishes for the one whom you are gifting.

2. Blank gift box template:
Comes in different shapes and size, these blank gift box template is a great idea of packing gifts of any size. Make the box plane without any print on it, and stick the plane color paper to add color on it. One can also use cardboard and transform it into a box. You can write personal messages or wishes all over the blank box to make it intriguing.

Honey Gold Gourmet Gift Tower3. Sticking Flowers:
Make your wrapping more beautiful by sticking fresh flowers like rose, lily, etc. Just take a gift box and wrap it with the plane colored paper, and with the help of cello tape, stick roses, lily or any other flower depending upon the size of the gift.

4. Polka dots
Polka dots look amazing on anything, be it clothes or a sheet of paper. One can change its style of gifting with polka dots wrapping. Take a colorful paper and mark circles with crayons or other colors pens, or one can also use round colored stickers.

5. Stickers
Children often love stickers of animals, birds or butterflies. Sticking stickers of animals, birds or butterflies amaze children and they can’t resist themselves from opening a gift. One can make their children happy by wrapping a gift with stickers on it.

6. Gift bag
A large number of unique gift bags are available in the market. They come in many designs such as floral design, dolls, or other graphics. Such type of bags are quite famous among teenagers, especially, girls since they like experimenting with gift wrapping. In fact, 3D bags are also becoming a rage among teenagers.

7. Paper bow wrapping
Decorative wrapping by adding paper bow over it is another idea to make the gift attractive. It is easy and simple to make a bow from paper as well as colored ribbons. One can make a bow from the newspaper, magazines, pamphlets etc. Bow looks unique and gives a great impression while gifting something special.

Sweet Blooms Tower for Mom8. Fabric gift wrap
You could also wrap a gift in a fabric pack. One can use some fabric to make small pouch or bag in which the gift can be placed centrally. Beautiful fabrics such as check colored fabric, printed fabric or some polka dot fabric add grace to a gift packing, and are durable enough to be used further.

9. Lace wrap
Decorate gifts by wrapping with different laces. Colorful, shiny, glittery lace can be found in any craft store or perhaps at home. Take a colorful box or apply color paper and with the help of glue stick, wrap around different colored lace around the box to give it the lacy effect.

10. Basket gift wrap
A basket could be a great way to gift something as it is spacious enough to accommodate number of small gifts. Decorate the basket with flowers or ribbons and place your gift item perfectly in the center. It is a unique way of gifting pets such as dog, cat or some other animal. One can also gift a basket full of chocolates or sweets and wrap it over with a transparent colorful paper and ribbons.

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15 Responses to “10 Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas”

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  • Jacquelyn Bowen:

    These ideas are hardly for lazy people :)

  • ddgotcram-p:

    I prefer newspaper wrapping

    • july:

      interesting ideas, very festive.
      I wrap a lot of my gifts in newspaper, too.

      • Rachel:

        I think that newspaper as wrapping paper is strange!! Why not just toilet paper??

  • Nellie:

    don’t sweat it! order online and select the gift wrap option.

  • Karla:

    I love some of these ideas,as I have a wrapping paper obsession.

  • Lena Roberts:

    I absolutely love these ideas! How cute can presents get!!!

  • Tiffany:

    Wow so creative I’ll ask my mom if we can make smth from these ideas

  • Dorothy11:

    I love ur ideas

  • Dorothy11:


  • Krygold:

    Omgggg that’s what i was thinking!!!!! thanx!!!

  • Jessica Wilkins:

    Thank you so much! I’m excited to try this.

  • Marcella:

    Wow! Nice tips on how to wrap gift baskets

  • Ana:

    Wow so much creativety and wonderful gift wrapping ideas. It’s very special that you can personalise the presentation!

  • Elisa D.:

    1. Printable gift boxes – I will try this, nice one!

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