10 Wrapping Ideas for Better Gift Presentation

10 Wrapping Ideas for Better Gift PresentationIf the gift has to be pretty, so has to be the wrapping. That is important also because that’s the first thing the receiver will look at. Hence, it is a good way to leave a long lasting impression on the people with the amazing gift-wrap that you have done. So rack up yourself with the decoration ideas. There are many various creative hand- doable ideas. Presentation of the gift makes it look damn appealing, no matter what’s inside it. Jokes apart: it really makes the gift opener curious as to what the gift holds in for him/her.

1. Polka Dot your Wrapping – Instead of rushing out to the market. Take a gift paper, a pencil with eraser on its top and a stamping pad. Put on that eraser top on the stamping pad and star printing the polka dots on the paper.

A Sweet Escape Gift Basket 2. Bow Gift Wrap – The bow making idea is very in these days. Cut down few paper strips. Twist each strip, form a loop, and staple it in the middle. Layer the pieces on each other with appropriate spacing. Make a little round loop and paste it in the center of the bows.

3. Thread Wrapping – Take threads of different colors. Organize them creatively making any pattern of your choice on the gift-wrap.

4. Pictures – Stick a lovely picture of the gift recipient on the paper. Or else you can get that collage printed on the paper. Memorable gift-wrap is here.

5. Paper Dollies – Simply wrap up the gift with a white paper. In addition, decorate its top with the fancy round tissue papers above it paper dollies. You can make a flower out of the muffin paper. Scrunch all of them with glue.

6. Homemade Wrapping Paper – Take a stencil and paint out your gift paper. It will give it an artistic touch. The stencils come in all shapes and different patterns. Then take color paint and do the painting. Make sure the stencil leaves its pattern on the paper neatly.

Goodies For Mom7. Paper Feathers – This is such a pretty and DIY idea. All you have to do is get the colorful papers on your table. Cut them in a shape of a feather. And this would make lovely gift toppers.

8. Button Wrapping – Buttons are so pretty and cute. Then why not pick them up and make your gift look out of the ordinary! Take thread and pierce it through the holes of the button and place it on the gift-wrap. Isn’t it a great idea to try?

9. Paper Masking Tapes – These tapes come in different colors. You can decide on a particular pattern. In addition, arrange those tapes on one side of the paper making it look very appealing.

10. Layered Effect – Layered effect can be created but collecting some leaves and small daisies like flowers. You can then make a cute little bouquet out of it and place it on the gift paper.

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15 Responses to “10 Wrapping Ideas for Better Gift Presentation”

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  • Kathy Barnett:

    I don’t like wrapping at all. Usually I buy a gift bag… I don’t have time always to wrap.

    • Caroline:

      but I think gift wrapping is fun
      there is a lot of creative ways to wrap stuff

      • Martha:

        and I love wrapping gifts! My family thinks I’m crazy, since my gifts always have to look perfect :D

  • Carlton Hughes:

    I’m not that good at gift wrapping. My wife does it for me or her sister does. She likes to do it and she is pretty good at it.

  • Tracy Mcbride:

    oohhh gift wrapping is not as easy as I thought it would be

    • Nellie Powell:

      the same..I would prefer to go to a professional gift wrapper

  • Marianne May:

    I like to learn different ways to gift wrap… with ribbons or different patterns

  • Joanna:

    Great inspiration! Some really simple but effective ideas!

  • Irene:

    Great tips. Receiver was overjoyed and expressed delight with gift.

  • Moorenelle:

    4. Pictures
    its amazing i tried this

  • Ruizze:

    just make me fun

  • Essie:

    Your gift wrapping ideas are so nice

  • Kathy Dunn:

    this is great. i am already thinking of 2018 Easter and this would have been a massive help.

  • Caty43654:

    So simple and yet so effective…

  • Oscar:

    Wrapping for the first time was very stressful and I’m a grown man.

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