12 Gifts for Students Who Are Studying Abroad

12 Gifts for Students Who Are Studying Abroad Are you among those confounded with numerous gifting choices as your young child is heading abroad with holidays inching towards its end in late December/ early January? Then you are not alone entangled in choosing the best gift for your adorable one as he or she prepares for their exciting journey abroad. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a month of a long year stay, you would certainly wish that the parting gift is nothing short of the treasured gift they would relish while staying miles away. By soliciting advice from some experts and digging out various websites, 12 best gifting options have been charted out for the students who would soon be on their way to an adventurous voyage abroad:

1. Passport holder: With the rise of overseas trips, there has been a surge in multi-pocket passport holders that could keep all your confidential documents safe. You can easily keep you credit cards or loose cash or a key zipped securely.

Starbucks Grand Selections2. Multi-day backpack: Ideally, backpacks make way for limited stuff but if you are travelling abroad, then the backpack must have enough space to carry your essential stuff of 2-3 days. Equipped with multiple pockets, waterproof material, and other essential features, the backpack should give you the best comfort while you walk around.

3. Swiss Army knife: Considered to be among the most functional tools in the market, Swiss army knives come with a sharp blade with many other useful tools packed behind the handle of the knife.

4. Universal power adapter: Since foreign countries can have different sized plugs, students would need universal power adapters so that they can charge their digital cameras, mobiles, laptops when required.

5. Neck Pillow and sleep mask: Neck pillows would provide the desired comfort during long and stiff journeys on planes, bus or trains. Sleep masks tend to block light while you have to nap with light flashing in shared rooms, trains, buses etc.

6. Hanging Toiletry Bag: While staying abroad, students may have to share bathrooms, so they would need a toiletry bag in order to keep all the toiletries in one place.

7. Traveller’s scarf: it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you would be living, every student would feel the need of a scarf to serve multiple functions, like compliment a party dress, or wrap around for warmth.

 Golden Goodies 8. All-purpose Jacket: Though it could be pricy, an all-weather jacket fits in perfectly for travelling in different weather conditions.

9. Journal: Students would enjoy writing down their emotions while travelling around in different foreign locations.

10. Books: Books could be a great companion on long trips or for gathering information.

11. Camera: Even though most of the students have smartphones for clicking pictures, a digital camera could offer a better quality experience.

12. Customized Gift: Sitting miles away in an unknown place, you could offer special gifts such as a family photograph framed, personal letters, favourite candies, and sweets, so they could feel the homely warmth around.

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12 Responses to “12 Gifts for Students Who Are Studying Abroad”

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  • Grace:

    Good article !!! Ideal gifts for a traveler

  • Maurice:

    ereader and comfortable clothes are perfect for long flights

  • Duane Klein:

    If a student is a bookworm, then a Kindle is a must

    • Gredyss:

      :) it saves a ton of space in travel bags

  • ben:

    i think the power adapter is a must-have for anyone traveling, no matter you are student or not

  • Sadie Maxwell:

    I was flying to Australia. I bring travel neck pillow. It was excellent, got a few hours sleep out of it. Supports my head from rolling around. Students appreciate them on the longer trips.

  • Eva Craig:

    Study abroad is such a great opportunity for a student. My daughter traveled all over Europe. It was an amazing experience or her. We gave her a digital camera, it is a must!

  • Anna Parsons:

    A microfiber travel blanket would be a fantastic gift.

  • Irene B:

    I think it is the problem to keep all confidential documents in a passport holders…. if they are stolen or lost, everything gets stolen or lost..

    • jimmie munoz:

      keep several copies of passport and docs elsewhere

  • Molly Swanson:

    Some great ideas!

  • health insurance for students studying abroad:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for advantages of studying abroad scholarships

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