6 Tips For Bridal Shower: Gifts You can Offer To The Bride

6 Tips For Bridal Shower: Gifts You can Offer To The Bride
Are you thinking about what to gift your best friend on her bridal shower? Here are some great tips and ideas that will help you choose the best gift for your best friend.

First decide your budget as it is important to know how much you can spend. In the bridal shower, $ 50 to $70 is a good amount to buy gifts. Handmade gifts like the photo album of her, from childhood to adulthood or school days to college days are the best gifts to your best friend. This will define your true friendship and bring back old memories.

Savory Sensations Gift Basket Cosmetics and jewelry
Every bride loves to have best cosmetic products. If you know what kind of cosmetics your friend likes, then you can gift her favorite cosmetic products on her bridal shower day or wedding day. Make a box of cosmetics and include perfume, day cream, night cream, lip gloss, lipstick, etc. Jewelry is a bride’s best friend. Every bride loves jewelry. Giving her jewelry or purse could be a good gift for her. You could buy jewelry of different designs and branded purse or handbag depending on your budget.

Crockery gift
If your friend is fond of cooking, you can gift her couple of recipe books and any crockery set of different style along with it. Apart from these, other household items like coffee maker, blender, rice cooker and the new barware, etc. could also be considered as perfect gifts as she is about to enter a new household, and she would love to use the best things to give it a personal touch. Also, a personalized happy couple apron set, mugs set, coaster set, wine box bread box can also be considered among good gifting options for the new couple.

Red Velvet Love Cake Dance class
Does your friend love dancing? If yes, then you can arrange some dance classes for her where she can enjoy dance and fitness both at one time. Ask her what type of dance she likes? Often brides get nervous before their wedding. These dance classes can prove to be a stress buster for them. Your friend will enjoy and feel happy. You can also gift her a collection of her favorite movies on DVDs or movie tickets with her favorite actor or actress acting in it.

Wine club membership
Gifting her wine club membership can be a good idea if she is fond of clubbing. It could be exciting to receive wine frequently and she can also spend some comfortable time with her partner drinking wine.

Love notes from friends and family
Ask all your common friends and bride’s family members to write something special about the bride and their relationship. Ask them to write something touchy which will move the bride deeply. These letters must be kept in a box and should be opened at dinner time, and read it all before all guests. This will show how much she is loved by all the friends and family members.
These gift tips will help your make the best decision for bridal shower gift without pinching your pocket. All you need to know is about what your friend’s likes and hobbies. Make her feel special by giving not expensive but a special and memorable gift which describes your true bond of friendship and care.

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17 Responses to “6 Tips For Bridal Shower: Gifts You can Offer To The Bride”

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  • Dana:

    Ok so a friend of mine is getting married soon and what should I buy

    • Allen Moreno:

      I had the same questions and bought a large gift from the registry for the wedding.

    • Amanda Ford:

      I also give a bridal shower gift from the couple’s registry. Getting married is a big deal, but the gift depends on overall budget at the time.

  • feeby:

    Im going to an engagement party and I’d probably bring a bottle of wine & flowers

  • Mathew Weber:

    I always hated bridal showers

  • Tamara Evans:

    I’m having an engagement party. If anyone asks me, I’m telling them no gifts.

  • icori:

    nice ideas in section cosmetics and jewelry. just need to know her favorite cosmetic products and brands

  • Kendra Vaughn:

    I prefer to give money, but cash gifts are for couples who have already established their households.

  • Mary:

    you just saved my life lol thanks

  • Lena Dunn:

    Will do, and thanks for the great idea.

  • Elizabeth:

    Ohhh.. This makes me so excited for my bridal showers in July!!!! it was such a fun and memorable day!

  • Bonnie:

    This is a great list of tips and will totally be helpful to everyone. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Vicki:

    How about bottle of wine plus a gift?

    • Gidirra:

      It’s ok. Do they like sports, music, or theater? Maybe inexpensive tickets to an event?

    • Alma:

      You can personalize bottles to say Mr & Mrs (or anything else)

  • Katie:

    My husband’s family is Italian and they always give cash… for everything, bridal shower, wedding, birthday! I mostly got cash at my bridal shower.

  • Helen:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I love your posts!

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