A Different Perspective: Christmas in 18th century’s

A Different Perspective: Christmas in 18th century’s When we think about Christmas, we always think of Santa, gifts, snowman and Christmas tree. Christmas celebrations have changed a lot over this period of time. If we look back into the past centuries, celebrations used to start many days before we celebrate Christmas in the 21st century. Going back to the 18th century when Christmas was celebrated with spiritual happiness, it was a lot different from the kind of celebrations and arrangements we have today. At that time, the main focus was on adults rather than children, perhaps because of the post-revolutionary war. Adults used to indulge in various activities to give their personal touch.

Christmas is a religious festival and requires all family members celebrate it together. When it comes to Christmas gifts, landlord used to give his servants sweets, cash, books, etc. Back then, children were not gifted anything we are used to nowadays. Decorating Christmas tree was not a part of celebrating Christmas during that time, which is quite unlike from today when people decorate Christmas tree with so much passion and fun.

 Penguin Ghirardelli Christmas Gift Tower In that period, making or giving Christmas cards to friends and relatives was very rare. Wealthy people used to celebrate this day with their close family and friends by relishing a good variety of food with wines, sherry, and Madeira. The entertainment was limited to home-centric activities only. Food like roasted beef, turkey, chicken, duck, and goose was part of their delicacies.

Decoration was also one of the main parts of Christmas celebration during the 18th century. Modern people used to spend lots of money to decorate their house or buying gifts for friends and relatives. But in 18th-century, pineapple was considered more precious. Green boughs were stick on the Christmas Eve. Church’s roof, walls, galleries, and pillars were decorated with garlands of holly, mountain laurel, ivy, and mistletoe. Garlands were bedecked with a pew, altar, and pulpits. Various flowers and herbs were scattered all around the churches. Flowers like lavender, rosemary, rose petals, the bay which gave pleasant scent were used because of its fragrance and aromatic quality.

The Christmas was celebrated with the forty-day cycle. It starts from 25 December, and includes the following:

25th December was celebrated as the blessed event when Jesus was born.

After eight days of Christmas, 1st January was celebrated as the baptism of Jesus.

After 12 days of Christmas, 6th January was celebrated as Sign of Jesus.

After 40 days, 2nd February was celebrated as the rebirth of the Jesus.

Thus, all these days were celebrated in the 18th century with great enthusiasm and passion, which seem missing in our century.

 Xmas Reindeer and Sweets Gift Basket Christmas carols, hymns, and music were very popular those days. People used to sang Christmas songs, hymns and carols with their friends and family. Music and special dances were performed during the whole Christmas festival.

At that time, shops remained open and anyone could sell anything on Christmas. There was no gun shot heard in Christmas mornings or evenings. It was like any other day and people used to go to their work as before.

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