A Few Thoughts on Giving Useful Gifts

A Few Thoughts on Giving Useful GiftsI am one of those who prefer re-gifting gifts. If you can bother to be careful enough you can do that with ease. However, it is necessary to make sure that you never give an unwanted gift to its original giver. If you do, through your ignorance or through oversight, you can imagine the consequences.

Giving consumables such as cookies and wines is a good idea because they won’t stay long in the recipient’s house occupying space. However, before buying them you must make sure that the recipients of those gifts will like them. Giving wines to a teetotaler will not be of any use. In case you make such gifts you only burden their recipients with unwanted items sitting in their store rooms.

When it comes to making gifts of gift certificates, many people hesitate on making gifts out of them. This is because they fear that the recipient will think that it could amount to evasion of responsibility of giving a gift to the particular person. There are some people who think by doing so, the giver shows that he cannot bother to find what is the most appropriate gift that recipient is going to like. To me it appears to be a misconception. In case you are going to give a gift to a person that you believe will think this way, you have ample opportunity to give a gift certificate to the coffee shop they patronize very often. There is also the possibility of giving a gift certificate from the shop that offers items related to the recipient’s favorite hobby.

California Classic With gift certificates you could convey the message that you are aware of what their recipients like. This itself is going to make the recipient appreciate your effort in finding the most suitable gift certificate for him, even if you have not been 100% successful in finding what he likes. There are many occasions when people find the most appropriate gift certificates that the recipients adore. So, you must not be be afraid to give certificates as gifts.

Giving gifts of services is a good way to avoid a physical gift becoming a burden to a recipient as he has to reserve some space in his home for it. Think of a gift such as a couple of theater tickets, reservation for a day at a spa or a fun ride on a roller coaster or a hot air balloon.

I heard story of a couple that got a gift certificate which was hand written. The gift was an evening of baby sitting in a certain town. The couple went there and had a nice time. They were full of praise for their best friend who gave them the gift certificate. They spent such a nice evening in the particular township that they have brought memories they will remember for a long time. The gift they never bothered them occupying space in their home as it offered only the service that was useful to them.

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9 Responses to “A Few Thoughts on Giving Useful Gifts”

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  • Kathleen:

    Giving cookies and wines is a good idea

  • Amy V:

    we buy many different gifts. We buy gifts for bdays, mother’s day, dather’s day and christmas. finding the great gift can be difficult. re-gifting is a good idea. we spin out money.

  • Megan:

    We have relatives and friends, and each time we go to buy them a gift, spend a lot of money and are not sure what to get

  • Ray:

    Give a gift basket with personalization, utilize a theme. Without a theme, the gift basket may not be close to the recipient’s interests.

  • Laurie:

    I have friends that love the movies and buy gift cards. I purchase a gift card for a movie theater and restaurant. This allows them to choose which movie to see and have a nice dinner.

    • Herbs:

      I like the idea of giving giftcards from the shop that offers items related to the recipient’s favorite hobby. As a woman, I adore the fancy cups that various friends had given me. It’s a luxury for a woman to keep fancy dishware in her cupboard :)

  • Sassbeyu:

    I would give some travel size bath products. Something with a great scent.

    • Funny Hunny:

      how to be sure that your choice will be appreciated and the gift will not be regifted?

  • Pat34lues:

    great topics :D

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