A Man’s Guide to Wrapping Manly Christmas Gifts

A Man’s Guide to Wrapping Manly Christmas Gifts You would think that just getting a gift would be enough, but there is still wrapping it. As if spending the time running hither and thither around your local mall was not fun enough, now you get the joy of wrestling with tape and long, unwieldy rolls of colorful paper.

If giving a gift to another man then maybe you do not need to wrap it, but women expect their gifts wrapped and children love the chaotic fun of wrapping off the wrapping paper, no matter how short-lived it is. So when the holiday season rolls around you will need to know how to wrap presents!

When buying gift wrap stick to the colors of the holiday season. Red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah, and so forth. Use character paper with Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, menorahs, stars, etc. If you want to go the extra mile for your kids there are many wrapping papers that have popular cartoon characters wearing Santa hats. Avoid non-traditional wrapping, although mixing and matching different papers to create more color under the tree is encouraged.

Before you begin you need to prepare an area that is big enough to roll out your paper. Clearing off a tabletop works best! Have scissors and tape within arm’s reach, as well as ribbon and bows if you plan to use them. This will make it easy putting it altogether.

First determine if you have an easy or hard job. Is it a square or rectangular box? If so then no problem! Yet if you have a difficult shape then consider placing the gift within a box, then wrapping the box (make sure to find an appropriately sized container). For the really difficult shaped gifts, or perhaps delicate gifts, use gift bags and tissue paper instead of giving yourself a hernia.

Delicious Gratitude Next unfurl the wrapping paper and lay your present in the middle of it. Pick up the paper and determine how much you need to stretch over it. Never cut without testing it first! Hold the paper steady with one hand while getting tape with the other. You may need an extra hand, but you can overcome that need by cutting small strips of tape and putting them on the edge of your table, hand, or any other nearby surface so they are easy to remove one-handed.

Fold your wrapping paper carefully, do not bunch it or crush it. Always try and neatly fold edges over each other, ensuring that the back-facing side has all the folds and tape. Make one side, the front, look nice and neat for display. If you have oblong items – like wrapped blankets – then wrap the lengthwise side and use ribbon to tie the ends. It will look like a creative masterpiece, and it is far easier!

Never use duct tape while wrapping. Always use clear tape as it will be less noticeable. If you are having trouble keeping the edges of a box closed then other tape is acceptable, just not for the wrapping. While working use the bare minimum of tools and keep your power tools out of it!

If you want to take things to the next level, and have a particularly playful spouse, child, or other family member, then get creative! Put many boxes one inside the other, like nesting dolls. Or place a small gift in a very large box! Bear in mind that this humorous effort may not be so humorous to many people, especially young children that just want to get to the gift, so think carefully before trying that or it may backfire on you.

Wrapping is not the best part of any holiday – it’s just the calm before the storm. Yet if you work hard on a gift, why not work hard on making it appear just as good? You deserve to proudly display it, and the recipient deserves the courtesy of a good effort on your part. Sure, we all know it is nothing but a pain in the backside. You would rather be doing something else of course, but seeing the joy on your loved ones’ faces will almost make it worth it, we promise.

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13 Responses to “A Man’s Guide to Wrapping Manly Christmas Gifts”

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  • Yoly:

    Very helpful ! Thank you !!

  • Hunter:

    lol you have no idea how many ugly gifts I gave before this :D

  • Arsen:

    I still couldn’t do it. I’ve been watching a lot of videos every Christmas for the past few years and I still can’t do it man

  • Brown:

    I learned to gift wrap at work. It’s about 5 min per gift!

  • PrinceOfPer:

    thnx this really helps!

  • Sam:

    Where do you purchase your wrapping paper ??

    • Alice VI:

      You might try places like Dollar, search near by you

    • Silky:

      Time to get creative! You can wrap in the newspaper ;)

      • Claude:

        Thumbs up!!!!! haven’t thought about it before ))

  • Doug:

    i hate wrapping

  • Jem:

    You can save money and reduce the stress of rushing around malls looking for the perfect gift by giving easy-to-make homemade gifts.

  • Agut:

    I LOVE wrapping gifts. I have tons of ribbons, ornaments, gift tags, etc., and I always collect them

  • Leo:

    It’s a pity that I haven’t seen this post before

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