Affordable Christmas Gifts Homebaked Cookie Baskets or Tins!

Winter Warm Up Hot Cocoa and Cookies Christmas is a wonderful holiday time for togetherness and gift giving. Yet Christmas can be a very costly time of year, too, because amongst all that holiday joy are the holiday bills! But you have so many people on your list, and you do not want to be a Scrooge, so where can you turn?

Simple, your own kitchen! Baking up your own treats are a heartfelt way to show that you care, while saving you some cash since ingredients are far cheaper than going out and buying an actual present. Local dollar stores have Christmas or holiday tins available during the winter, so buy a few and give them to all your acquaintances; co-workers, the mailman, kids’ bus driver, your pastor, and so forth.

Make sure to buy a nice tin, or give your cookies in a festive basket with a bow. Giving holiday cookies in a plastic baggie is nowhere near as kind hearted a gesture as a nice package. If you are giving the gift to someone you are more intimate with then consider a nicer container – like a cookie jar!

When it comes time to start baking be sure to hit the holiday favorites, while adding your own specialties. Remember to consider whether or not the cookies will be given by hand or by post – make sturdier cookies so that they will survive in the mail.

There are no hard and fast rules about Christmas cookies, but if you need some inspiration then consider: Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peppermint cookies, butter cookies, snickerdoodles, cookies with chocolate, with fruit filling, or savory cookies with meat.

To make the best cookies buy high quality ingredients to start with, and avoid using substitutes – use the real thing every time! Look for little ways to improve recipes, like opting for dark chocolate chips in lieu of milk chocolate for an especially rich, tasty holiday treat. Compare recipes to make sure you are shopping smart – if every recipe uses the same spice but one will you really want to run out and buy a new spice just for one batch of cookies? Select what to bake, and what to omit, before you hit the store.

Holiday Tea and Cookies Tote Baking cookies is difficult if you are not handy in the kitchen. Follow recipes exactly – if it says to leave the cookie on the baking sheet for one minute make sure to leave it! Avoid dark colored baking sheets as they heat very quickly, leading to burned bottoms. Light stainless steel baking sheets are the best available. Make sure to use a timer and watch cookies carefully as thirty seconds really can make all the difference.

An additional trick for cookies that rely on butter is to ensure that the butter is creamed, not melted. If you accidentally melt your butter let your cookie dough sit in the refrigerated so that the butter can harden up again before being put in the oven. This is the best trick for mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies!

When selecting your cookies make sure to only gift the best decorated ones – broken edges and crooked cookies are not suitable as gifts. Once you have piled them into their tins, baskets, or other container, deliver immediately so they will be at their freshest! You can also freeze cookies for later use if they are not frosted or iced.

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14 Responses to “Affordable Christmas Gifts Homebaked Cookie Baskets or Tins!”

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  • Avina:

    the most important thing is to make the presents look as good as they taste

    • HeLex Theo:

      I am planning to place cookies in glassine bags or wrap individually in cellophane, and tie with colorful ribbons.

      • Avina:

        great !!! I have a lot of small wooden boxes, wanna line them with colorful tissue paper

  • Racheal En:

    We use wax paper with a ribbon, and tie a cookie cutter to the ribbon.

  • Givens:

    nice ideas, and great tips

  • Clar332gnop:

    Thank you for all the tips, these are great ideas for the holidays. Please keep sending more tips. Happy holidays to all of you.

  • Maxie:

    I would send a basket with cookies packed with popcorn almonds and possible candies

  • Willow:

    How do I pack my cookies to send away so they stay fresh and unbroken ??? I would love to know!

    • Avina:

      Avoid using too large box so they don’t move around during shipping and wrap in plastic wrap.

  • cookiesfromhome:

    You may also gift someone homemade cookies as a thanksgiving gift.

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  • Daryl:

    Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, regards.

  • Clyde:

    I love Christmas time. I get so excited that by the end of November I’m already counting down the days.

  • Sonja:

    I have done these for several years, they are fun to do and not to hard to make.

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