Birthday Gift Ideas for Women!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women
Birthdays are such an important time. Holidays are lovely, but a day just for yourself is truly special. So make sure to make the birthdays of women you love special. Never leave the task of selecting a birthday gift to the last minute or your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, or whoever the lucky lady is.

If it is your wife or mother that you need a gift for then consider the gift of diamonds, because we all know that is what women really want. While diamonds are the traditional route all gemstones will work. Jewelry is a classic gift that brings a sparkle to her eyes. A stunning piece is perfect for a lover, while a memorable necklace is just the thing for your mother.

While spending a boatload of money is a nice way to show you care splurging is not the only way, or always the best way. Sometimes a little you time is what she really wants. Set aside time for the both of you to do an activity or go to a place that she loves. These are the perfect gifts for sisters, too – take them to a favored place you would frequent as children. Bring mothers or grandmother’s to crafting classes or on shopping trips.

Some of the best gifts for new mothers and working moms is a little stress free time away from everything else. A day, or even a few hours, at the spa is just the thing. Offering to take care of her kids while she is being pampered at a spa is always an excellent icing to an already lovely gift-cake! If you are getting a gift for your friend or sister then taking them out for a mani-pedi and a look around the mall is always appreciated.

Pristine PassionSmall trips are great ways to spend some time together while giving a memorable gift. Visit the beach, drive to a museum, or overnight at a bed and breakfast place. Perhaps pick up the tab after taking her on a trip to a restaurant she loves but cannot find around her home, because this is a thoughtful gesture and the chat during the car ride over is a great experience for you both.

No matter what gift you give make sure to think it through and put your heart into it. Gifts laden with effort never fail if they come from the heart. Try and be as personal and thoughtful as possible – she deserves it!

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18 Responses to “Birthday Gift Ideas for Women!”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Manny:

    I just wonder why men wonder what to gift to their women…. if they don’t know what to give, they probably are not very attentive or simply don’t know them very well!

  • Ladybug:

    A woman doesn’t need a gift to feel precious… love is enough

  • Patricia!:

    Of couse we deserve it!

  • Charlie:

    Gave my missus a spa certificate, she was very happy!

  • Hmmmm:

    Flowers are enough, I think

  • Johny:

    Never give give a woman too much or she will become spoiled

  • Tamara:

    Johny, I certainly don’t envy your wife!

  • Hirray:

    All you neeed is looove – you know what they sing
    If you love a woman, you’ll give her the best gift

  • Nelly:

    Fresh organic apples, pears, oranges… and a bottle of good wine or champagne ;)

  • Horse:

    Jewelry is a classic gift, bring her unique jewelry, fashion or home accessories

  • Lisa:

    My mom is one of ten kids and I have over 50 cousins. I have no clue when everyone’s birthday is :D

  • Tied Ribbons:

    Nice blog and in my opinion you can give some personalized gifts also.

  • Elswood:

    I think that the woman judges based on the cost or status of the gift.

  • George Atom:

    I’ve never given my wife flowers, a wedding ring or a honeymoon and its the best relationship I’ve been in.

  • Lorenzo:

    The first time I sent my wife flowers. She had never been given roses and bragged to all her friends, posted pics on fb. Isn’t that what we all want? a woman who appreciates our efforts.

  • Randy:

    Be spontaneous. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give flowers.

  • Thomas:

    Not too sure yet… Probably just some flowers, a card and maybe some chocolates (she loves it).

    • Fran:

      Same here.

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