Buying Gifts for Baby Showers

Buying Gifts for Baby Showers

When a new member is about to be added to the family, everyone gets overly excited. A new baby will bring joy, love and happiness to a household. Baby shower is the occasion when those who were near and dear to the expecting mother will share all these feelings.

Baby shower is an occasion that brings in fun to everyone, and choosing gifts is a very important aspect. However, choosing gifts is not going to be a daunting task as the parents normally open up a gift registry in one of the nearby children’s stores to make things easy for those who want to purchase gifts. The beauty of a gift registry is that it is able to prevent double gifts while helping the mother to get all the items she needs to buy otherwise. There is a guarantee that the new parents will not get two baby walkers or two bottle warmers. Instead, they will get all the necessary items as gifts.

When it comes to baby registries, the most popular items are the ones that the mother and the baby are going to use very often such as a breast pump, a bottle warmer and a crib. The more expensive items are normally bought by the close relatives of the couple. The rest of the items are bought by others. When the list of items purchased becomes longer, the choices become smaller which means that you will not be able to buy what you had in mind. As such, it is a good idea to go and buy your present before many others do. Otherwise, you will be compelled to buy one of the items left instead of buying what you want.

Even if you are on a tight spot with money, there are lots of items you could buy on the baby registry. It is easy to pick up one that you could afford as the prices are printed on the registry. Since the parents will need a lot of items you will not be disappointed that you aren’t able to buy a gift that suits your purse.

A Special Delivery-Boy In case you wish to buy something without following the gift registry, the best items to buy are the clothes for the baby. Since the baby needs a lot of them there will be no harm done in case you buy something some other also has bought. One of the safer ways to buy clothing for babies is to buy toddler clothing. Since babies outgrow their clothes very quickly what you buy will become useful before long. Many of the people who buy baby clothes never buy having the future in mind. Instead, they buy dresses which will be worn by the baby immediately after birth or a few weeks afterwards.

Another way to deviate from the gift registry is to buy a personalized gift. Buying a blanket embroidered with the baby’s name is a good option. Very often personalized gifts are given after the baby is born. Therefore, you will find it easier to choose your gift.

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19 Responses to “Buying Gifts for Baby Showers”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • HUNT:

    The term shower is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts. Traditionally gifts were given only for the family’s first child.

  • Joy:

    I’m looking for something a bit more practical, what do you suggest??

    • Gills:

      Diaper cake ;)

    • DH:

      Nappy bag is a great idea as they can be expensive for the new mum to be.

    • Park Lane:

      I like the idea of giving classic baby books

    • Deve774:

      I’m going to baby shower this year and I’d like to give a few small items like clothes or toys. You can give something for the mom-to-be like relaxing bath salts

      • Priscilla:

        These sorts of things were my absolute favorite gifts. It mean someone was thinking of me.

  • Emmy:

    I received some gifts with diapers, baby bottles and clothes. it was really useful

    • Martha:

      Honestly, I have tons of newborn size clothes that never even got used.

      • Annie:

        we have the same problem. our daughter growing up too fast!! we donate the clothes to friends. I hope to give some of these clothes to somebody in need

  • Aggy:

    Have you tried to give them to your local church?

  • Aggy:

    I’m sure they would be glad with anything you could donate.

    • Annie:

      I think I will try to ask there as I hadn’t considered that option before, thanx :)

  • Dianne King:

    Everyone seems to have an opinion around pregnancy and babies. I have a registry and I thinks its really going to be helpful with the shower.. Baby gift registry is cool.

  • Luis Luis:

    Gift vouchers are awesome. Especially for online shopping.

  • Goasiulle3459:

    Best presents I received were things like nappies :)

  • Jennifer:

    Things like baby shampoo & baby bath products are good, or something like a bottle steriliser.

  • Nastygirl:

    Thanks for the suggestions, your advices are very helpful! face washers for baby can be included (recipients can’t have enough of those!!)

  • Lydia K.:

    I like to give outfits in bigger size. Same thing with diapers, I wouldn’t get newborn.

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