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Reasons To Celebrate Memorial Day

Reasons To Celebrate Memorial DayA tribute to people who have fallen dead in the War

Memorial Day, a mark of beginning of summer vacations for some people but it is the day of remembering those brave lion-hearted soldiers who died while serving American armed forces. A federal holiday in America, it is a tribute to American military soldiers who have lost their life in protecting their country’s prestige and honor. Celebrated every year on the last Monday of May, it is also known as Decoration Day, which was started after the American Civil war fought in 1868. On this day, the graves of soldiers died in war are decorated with flowers.
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Say “I’m Thinking of You” with Cookies!

Say "I'm Thinking of You" with Cookies!

There are many moments in life when you will want to take some cookies or send them to people. Cookies can be used for all sorts of occasions, from congratulations to sympathies. Yet they are a perfect choice even when there is no occasion!

Elderly relatives love the thought behind a gift of cookies. Send them a basket to show that their grandchild, niece, nephew, and so forth is thinking of them.
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ABC’s of Funeral and Sympathy Flower Etiquette!

ABC's of Funeral and Sympathy Flower Etiquette!One of the hardest times in anyone’s life is during the grieving process. Losing a spouse, family member or friend is a time of hardship. Sending a floral arrangement shows support, love, and kind thoughts. However, since flowers have been used to say many things you will want to read up on bereavement etiquette to ensure you do not send the wrong message!

For example, do not send flowers directly to the cemetery on the day of the funeral. The reason is simple – the intention is to be a comfort, not to disturb the in-progress funeral by having a florist drive up. This is an easy way to turn your meaningful gesture into a rude one!

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