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Gift Giving Guidelines

Gift Giving GuidelinesGiving someone a present is a fun experience for you and for them. Sometimes selecting that present can be difficult, especially if you are not personally close to the recipient. Here are a few gift giving guidelines!

You should already know this, but just in case you do not, match the gift to the event or holiday. When at a baby shower give baby items or things new moms could use. During your anniversary you need an impressive, romantic present. If you believe these thoughts are obvious ideas stop and think how many women have gotten vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and other non-romantic gifts!

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Saying No to Gifts

Saying No to Gifts Usually a gift is a surprise that is greeted with a smile, but not always. Sometimes gifts appear that are unwanted, undesirable, too expensive, or simply inappropriate. These are a powder keg of social situations that leave people in an awkward position.

First, who gave you the gift and what are the circumstance around it? If you just helped your neighbor move in then accept their kind return gesture of cookies, whether you eat oatmeal cookies or not (your son’s soccer team will like them though!). If you just landed a huge account for your boss then his sending a gift is entirely appropriate. So before you question the person or return a gift stop and think (or ask) why you are getting the gift.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Regifting

The Trials and Tribulations of RegiftingRegifting can be a very difficult question – do you buy something new, or use something you already have? Refusing a gift, especially just because you dislike it, is seen as an insensitive, rude gesture by most people, so unwanted gifts tend to pile up.

First off, ensure that your act of regifting will not hurt the feelings of the person who originally gave you the gift. Even if you really hate that ugly old sweater stop and consider whether or not there was some thought behind it, and if there was, maybe keep it for sentiment’s sake. Do not ask for a gift receipt – that makes it obvious that you dislike the gift and intend to get rid of it, and that will hurt their feelings.

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Nifty but Thrifty: Great Gifts on a Budget

Nifty but Thrifty: Great Gifts on a BudgetEveryone loves the warm fuzzies we get from gift giving, but nobody has a limitless purse. Today more and more people are struggling to stay on a budget. Although being on a budget does not mean you cannot give gifts!

When giving a gift most people begin with common sense decisions. First, how close are you to the recipient of the gift? A gift for a distant relative is unlikely to be as costly as one for a best friend, right? Then what is the occasion? When celebrating a wedding you will spend more than you would on a birthday.

Does your budget change from one month to the next? Be wary giving epic gifts when times are good, because those who get gifts during hard times may be irritated. It is a good idea to stock up on nice general gifts when you have the spare cash so that you are prepared if an unexpected birthday or promotion pops up!

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A Man’s Guide to Wrapping Manly Christmas Gifts

A Man’s Guide to Wrapping Manly Christmas Gifts You would think that just getting a gift would be enough, but there is still wrapping it. As if spending the time running hither and thither around your local mall was not fun enough, now you get the joy of wrestling with tape and long, unwieldy rolls of colorful paper.

If giving a gift to another man then maybe you do not need to wrap it, but women expect their gifts wrapped and children love the chaotic fun of wrapping off the wrapping paper, no matter how short-lived it is. So when the holiday season rolls around you will need to know how to wrap presents!

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Tips on Filling Easter Baskets!

Tips on Filling Easter BasketsEaster is a festive holiday that celebrates the end of Lent and the beginning of Spring. It combines many traditions – carrying baskets of Easter food to church, in pagan tradition bringing baskets of seedlings to be blessed for fertility, and so forth. The best known custom of present day Easter celebrations are Easter baskets.

The Easter basket comes from these traditions but the Easter Bunny who brings it is a German invention. The Easter Hare, as he was known, filled bonnets or caps with gifts for good children. When this custom passed into other cultures, the religiously used baskets replaced bonnets and caps. Today, children good or bad receive gift baskets filled with candy, chocolate, and small toys.

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