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10 Peculiar Facts You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving Before

6abc4_for_SlideshowWhen the guests around your Thanksgiving table are busy stuffing their bellies, here’s one way to break the lull in conversation: dazzle them with some tasty turkey trivia.

Here’s 10 to get you started. We bet you they’ll eat them up!
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Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving?

Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving? It is true that giving creates a generous feeling towards people. Yes ,giving is an art that one has to learn in order to promote the self-growth. Giving is directly proportional to receiving. Giving gifts to our loved ones, loving them, respecting is what will reflect back onto us. Therefore, there is a fine line between giving and receiving. Both things are like two sides of a coin. In addition, to understand why receiving is important we must consider the importance of self.
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Motivational Tech Gifts for Vacations

Motivational Tech Gifts for Vacations The vacations have finally arrived. Many feel a sense of unaccomplishment when the year comes to an end. Are you one of those who ask themselves where did the year go at the end of the year?. Thinking things like you could have traveled to more of the places around the world, pursued your dreams or things like doing this or that.

Technology related gifts are the best ones to gift to anyone. From my point of view, the technology gifts are routinely used by us and are the most essential gifts that can help in the achievement of our everyday goals. The below tech gear is a form of technology gift that you can give it to someone and you will find that it is a way to live life in an exciting way.
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Elegant Gift Receiving

Elegant Gift Receiving Many people generally go so much into thinking the ways to gift someone that they forget the art of receiving gifts. It is a kind of a skill that takes time to develop.

Receiving the Gifts
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Thanking Someone for Giving a Gift

Thanking Someone for Giving a Gift

It is difficult to comprehend why people live in some countries appear to be having better manners than those who live in other countries. Some people happen to think that sending letters to say thank you for gifts is an exception and not a norm or a rule. But it is always useful to cultivate the habit of sending letters to express your gratitude to those who send you gifts while appreciating their good gestures.
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Giving Home-Made Gifts

Giving Home-Made GiftsIf you are one who is experienced in giving gifts which are homemade, it is not necessary to emphasize on its benefits. You are already aware of the value of creating something unique as a gift. Also, you are aware of the cost saving associated with creating gifts rather than buying them in the shop. There is no doubt that you have already aware that the recipient of your gift is able to buy anything he wants. As such, the only way to give him a gift is to make something yourself.
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How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath!

How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath
Making Christmas decorations is a huge part of the seasonal fun, and for many children it becomes a cherished lifelong memory. Adults can find it to be a great way to make a one-of-a-kind heartfelt gift. Gingerbread houses are old hat these days, the new modern craze is wreath making and an eye popping alternative to the traditional methods of wreath creation is by using candy.
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Thanksgiving & The Pilgrims!

Thanksgiving gift baskets
The story of Thanksgiving is accepted by most, but in reality it is rather fanciful. Most people think of pilgrim hats and turkeys without delving any deeper. The accounts of the true first thanksgiving are sparse, but they do not fit the stereotypical Thanksgiving we see today.

The idea of giving thanks was not new in and of itself. Many cultures have celebratory feasts and harvest festivals (including the Native Americans who attended the first Thanksgiving). What distinguished Thanksgiving was that thanks were not being given to a god or goddess, or for a bountiful harvest, but to fellow man.
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Gratitude After Gift Giving

Gratitude After Gift Giving As fun as it is to give a gift and watch the person’s face light up it is quite a joyful experience getting to be that person instead! Receiving a gift is usually a pleasurable experience that brings smiles to not just you, but the faces of everyone in the room. Showing proper gratitude is the best way to say thank you.

Of course, actually saying thank you helps! Never forget to say thank you, whether that is formally or informally. When you are given something by the gift giver in person be sure to thank them while they are there. If it is a bridal shower, baby shower, and so forth, then a written thank you note is necessary. For small occasions and just because gifts a simple phone call will often do. If you get something in the mail be sure to call the sender and thank them right away!
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