Christening Gift Ideas!

Christening Gift IdeasSpecial occasions should be marked with elegant, thoughtful presents. When you are attending a christening, it is expected that you bring the baby a gift. Here are a few classic ideas, and some modern ones, that can be gifts for you to give or at least provide a jumping off point for some ideas.

Jewelry is a gift that has held up through the ages. A fine piece that the child can wear in the future becomes an heirloom. Parents will appreciate it as they set it aside and the child will adore it when she grows up!

Classic chic can only be said with a silver rattle. This is an elegant option full of old world charm. They are easy to have engraved with the baby’s name and birth date or christening date. Silver makes a fantastically charming christening gift – silver spoons and silver cups are popular. Both, like rattles, can usually be engraved with the child’s name and christening date. A runner-up to silver is porcelain. A porcelain cup and saucer or dishware set can be a beautiful, high quality gift to give a baby girl that she will appreciate once grown up.

Not all great gifts are set in the past though. If you would rather try something new then create a collage of all the meanings of the baby’s name. Since these can easily change over the years, or through different lands, this can be fascinating for the parents and the child once they grow older. Ensure that it is hung up in the baby’s room by using a sophisticated and tidy frame.

For a more modern twist on christening gifts, consider a time capsule kit. They are fun and fascinating. You can fill it yourself or leave it for the parents to do; The time capsule can mark the baby’s birth or christening day so include photographs of the family and early ones of baby, some newspaper articles from that time period, and anything else you feel would merit the occasion. Then when the child opens it years down the road they can look back and smile (or laugh).

Personalized Fleece Big BlanketIf you want to go for a functional present then consider having a high quality baby blanket with the baby’s name embroidered onto it. You can also to do the same to clothes, pillows, and so on. Another functional gift is a savings bond. Once the child matures so does the bond, and if that is around the college years then it will be duly appreciated.

Sometimes the best gift for a religious event is a religious present. Child’s bibles are an excellent gift in this case. Adult bibles can be given too, but a children’s bible allows for quicker use. If you are a godparent considering a bible you may want to give both a children and an adult one. Godparent gifts can also be the christening outfit itself, since these can be a little pricey but are a wonderful way to mark the day.

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13 Responses to “Christening Gift Ideas!”

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  • Zelly Li:

    I received a beautiful jewellery box with lots of great bangles necklaces etc. it’s my antique.

  • Collins:

    I’m going to a christening in a couple of weeks and looking for a gift. There are lovely ideas, thank you.

    • Fredo:

      traditionally it’s something silver. i gave a silver nice pen to my friend, but he was an adult.

  • Ti Rabeli:

    The christening bracelet, I think it’s the gift for that occasion

  • Holden:

    Any ideas for a creative but not too expensive gift for the people who have everything they could possibly need ever?

    • Fredo:

      You can buy a silver plate or spoon and get it engraved with the baby’s name

    • Grace:

      don’t buy a money box or anything like that

    • Grace:

      every christening it’s painful to see three identical money boxes :D

    • Jane Cors:

      Have a star named after baby, not too expensive ;)

      • Holden:

        A star is a nice idea

        • Jane Cors:

          and what about personalized gift? or maybe a gift basket for baby, something a bit more unique

          • Holden:

            Nice… thanks for sharing ideas!

  • Scarlet Sanchez:

    This went down very well with my Goddaughter recently. They’re something different, they can read them now/or in a few years and will hopefully appreciate in value as they grow older.

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