Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys!Christmas is such a joyous time of year, but it can also be a hassle loaded with pressure. Getting the perfect gift is quite a burden and some people are more difficult than others. One segment of the population that is particularly difficult is teenagers, especially teenage boys. They are too young for toys, and too old for adult presents, so what is a savvy shopper to do?

If you are the parents of a teenage boy (God bless you) then you may already have a list in hand. It is likely an expensive list, loaded up with electronics. Christmas is a time of giving, so go ahead and buy one of the big items on his list. Splurge a little – it is Christmas!

A nice gift that he may not have thought of is an electronic reading device. These can be used for pleasure and for school, so you can feel better giving them! If the young man in question already has one, or has a cell phone, the maybe get him a gift card to get books or music on the device he already has.

For older teens who are looking toward college and higher education a laptop is a fun and functional gift! It is quite a pricey electronic, and should be bought by parents or multiple family members chip in. Yet it will be his favorite gift for sure!

If you are looking for a gift for a nephew or grandson then you are unlikely to want to go to those depths of debt for a gift. Instead, opt for some smaller gifts – grandparents are known for giving useful things that children would not think of themselves, like a Swiss army knife.

A sophisticated gift for a young man is a wallet. It is a nice way gift during the transition into adulthood. They can be found in almost every store, and sliding a nice crisp bill in makes it a perfect present!

Baby's First Christmas Take a look at his interests and get him something from his favorite hobby. If he is a gamer then buying the latest video game is a sure way for you to be the coolest uncle in town. Check out the new releases, ask around to see what he wants, and speak with his parents to ensure they did not already pick it up! Although teenage boys have usually outgrown toys they are likely to still be playing video games! If his hobby is working out then a gym membership, new gym bag, and some sweatbands may be just the thing.

All men are boy scouts at heart, so if camping is a hobby use that as your theme! Some camping supplies, like a flashlight and sleeping bag, or a survival kit may become a beloved present. If he prefers to study nature then binoculars and a sketch pad may be the best gift.

If you are less familiar, or not too close to the boy you are looking to buy for (maybe you have to get a gift for the son of a friend), then consider giving a food gift basket. A few tasty snacks provides enough choice that he will be happy. Baked goods and candy are excellent around Christmastime, no matter what your age.

Lastly, while gift cards are usually poo-poo’ed for lacking thought and individuality, they can be just the thing for a tricky teenager. If you are visiting relatives and have not seen the teen in years then a gift card is the best choice because interests change quickly at that age so if you are not informed do not take a wild guess.

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11 Responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys!”

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  • Tereasa Lopez:

    Movie passes or gift certificate to your local video store.

  • Gilma:

    I have a few friends that I have no idea what to get them for Christmas so I’ll be giving gift cards. Hope this way they can use it anytime and for anything they like.

  • Lindsey:

    Talk to the teen boy and find out their favorite types of items. If he likes electronics, buy the latest technology. Or maybe he likes animals.

  • Lean Gadberry:

    I vote for a Nintendo Wii. I gave up on video games years ago but like this one.

  • Sidney:

    I like the idea of the watch….also the sporting store gift certificate.

    • Reagan:

      I am not so sure about the watch. Jewelry is a very personal thing, and he might not like what you choose

  • Reagan:

    A gift certificate might be appropriate, so he can buy what he wants and needs.

  • Carlos:

    the perfect gift is a visa gift card, that can be used anywhere online

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