Company Gifts given to Customers and Clients

Company Gifts given to Customers and Clients

In order to make a recipient to remember the company that sent the gift fondly, the gift needs to be:
• Imaginative
• Tasteful while not being just an advertisement for the company
• Of use either personally or for business purposes
• Designed properly and made with quality in mind
• Not expensive so as to not to amount to bribery

Companies that spend lots of money getting mass orders of pocket and desk calendars printed with company logos appearing prominently on their covers are wasting their money. Senior executives often receive a few desk calendars every year. They keep the one that has the least commercial appearance. In case the company prints its emblem inside without showing that their calendar is a propaganda instrument, that calendar will stay on the table of the recipient.

Inexpensive gifts companies could give

Companies often get mass produced gifts and use them as give away presents on occasions such as anniversaries and other important events. For example, a company is able to get a key ring with its emblem embedded on a plastic plate. In order to get 20,000 of them, the company may spend $3200. In such an instance, the company must realize that the lifetime of these key rings will not be so long. Probably, they will not be used anymore after one month. In contrast, another company could get 1000 key rings made out of sterling silver with miniature logos on them. They will spend $ 7,000 on their key rings but they will still be in circulation even after many years.

According to those who are experienced on the subject, when creating gift items companies must concentrate on quality. If not, the better thing is to not to give any gifts at all.

Additional Gift Ideas

It must be remembered that a woman will never need many of them, even if they are silk scarves. The same is true with silk ties for men.

A sweater obviously is an excellent gift but it should fit the recipient perfectly.

A flacon that fits into her purse with the latest fragrance in it is able to impress a woman customer.

An umbrella that carries a small tag that bears the company logo makes a sensible gift.

A Mini calculator or a travelling alarm clock could become a welcome gift to anyone as these are items that are lost very often. People need to buy new ones frequently due to this reason.

It must be remembered that price is not a factor that makes a gift a boring one.

There was a CEO who used to send bar glasses in sets of four to his customers every year. They all had the same design but were carrying a different saying etched on them. One year it was a phrase from Clare Boothe Luce saying that good deeds don’t go unpunished. The next year it was a phrase written by W.C. Fields. When these glasses are used during parties, they produce topics for conversations which means that though simple, the company’s gift becomes the center of conversation.

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7 Responses to “Company Gifts given to Customers and Clients”

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  • Beckerry:

    my husband received a few times matches with the logo on. I like such kind of promotions with nice pens and maybe other items.

  • Santiago:

    Our company is doing personalised calendars for Christmas. Minimum 500 items.

  • Mr Hines:

    We have calenders, pens, keyrings, personal organiser and address books. I think that’s everything. Im sure the clients are satisfied with the quality.

  • Alison:

    some times ago we sent out a bottle of wine to our top customers and for regular fridge magnets or chocolates. received so many reviews. great!!

  • Elouise:

    I ilke the idea a flacon with the latest fragrance that fits into the purse ;)

    • Ineedor:

      funny… a flacon with the latest fragrance it’s a good choice :) personalised calendars, chocolates… you can send me some items, I would appreciate that :D

      • Santiago:

        no problem! you need to be a client :)

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