Different Gifts for Different Places

Different Gifts for Different PlacesThe gift giving process may be different for different countries. For example, if a corporate gift is presented, it may be perceived in two ways. Firstly, in some countries, people may think it is a wonderful gesture. On the contrary, in some other countries it may be perceived as bribing.

To avoid any such misfortune, you need to be aware of the cultures and traditions of particular person or country. Whether you are presenting a gift at personal or professional level, you need to know the background picture. In the professional case, you must be aware what kind of company you are going to deal with, what are the company’s policies – whether presenting a gift is taken as a good gesture or it is possible that it will not be allowed there. Here are some of the useful tips that will help you in choosing the best gift for your professional sector.

Chinese New Year Special If you are into a deal with some Chinese client, try to give a group gift for the corporation rather than an individual gift. If you have a company logo on the gift, there is no concern as it is acceptable there. Remember, never gift a clock to the Chinese counterpart, this is because the word clock is similar to the Chinese word for death. So this will ruin all your efforts and you will even loose the deal.

If you want to gift something to a person who is of Muslim or Jewish religion, then keep in mind not to pick up something that is made from the pigskin. It is so because this is against their religion.

An Arab person is your business client, then make sure not to get something that has a corporate feel for the wife of that person.
People from Latin America do not like to be gifted something at the very first meeting.

As most of the countries expect that if there is a business deal then gift giving is bound to happen. However, this is not so in countries like America, Australia, Canada or Europe. Though they appreciate the gesture they do not believe that it is a mandatory step. In fact, in the United States there is a rule that a gift worth more than 25 dollars may not be accepted.

For the Malaysian country, it is a rule that before there is a firm deal between the two counterparts, no gift can be taken. This is because it may sound as an attempt of giving bribe.

Beer from All Over The WorldExchange of gifts is a tradition in Japan, Indonesia and Philippines. They give more emphasis to the way of presentation of gift. So it is essential that you take care of the presentation manner. Make sure that you do not give your gift as a surprise to your Japanese counterpart as they prefer to be informed previously.

In Indonesia, the culture is to give small gifts rather than bigger ones.

The presentation also matters a lot in Middle East or Asia or Hong Kong. If you are to gift a business counterpart from Hong Kong, keep in mind to do that with both your hands. Whereas while gifting to a businessperson from Middle East, either only the right hand should be used or both hands.

Singapore has a unique culture in terms of gift acceptance. There is a tradition of refusing the gift three times before accepting it. So do not be disheartened if it is refused at the first place.

Countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal view the gifts with company logo as the illegal promotion. So make sure you do not engross your company logo over there. As it will ruin all your efforts.

India is a country that prays cow. It is a sacred practice over there. So make sure not to give anything made of cow hive or made from beef to any Indian client.

Countries like Brazil, Peru and Panama usually prefer meals as a gift rather than any physical items.

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12 Responses to “Different Gifts for Different Places”

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  • Tracy:

    Very interesting!!

  • Alyssa:

    When the Chinese want to buy gifts it is not uncommon for them to ask what you would like.

  • Rita Fox:

    We often think about getting presents for our friends abroad when we travel to visit them. It’s important to know this information for us.

  • Pam Medina:

    People in different countries have ways of accepting gifts. When you give a gift to someone in China, don’t be surprised if your offer is declined :)

  • Jenny Vega:

    In European countries people use both hands to give gifts to show their respect. As regards Muslim countries, people use only their right hands to give the gift.

  • Regina Dennis:

    I know that in Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil people open their gifts later. If somebody open the gifts right after getting it, it might be considered impolite and greedy.

  • Sarah May:

    perfume and a deodorant should not be used as presents

  • Shari:

    You know that a gift that contains cash symbolizes good luck in China

  • Hilda Gilbert:

    people from Vietnam avoid giving towels and candles because they symbolize bad luck

  • Debra Hill:

    For Chinese the word clock is word for death, but for the U.S. a clock or a watch is a popular gift given at retirement parties

  • Paul Wade:

    The value of the gift depends on the occasion. I was in china a few months ago and went to a wedding. the gift should be enough money to cover the guest’s expense at the wedding. Business partners often put more money in the envelope to strengthen the business relationship.

  • Mercedes:

    I have a client from Singapore I didn’t know about a tradition of refusing the gift three times before accepting it.. Hope he finally will accept it

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