Do It Yourself: A “Unique” Diaper Cake Step By Step

Do It Yourself: A “Unique” Diaper Cake Step By Step You friend has thrown a baby shower party to welcome her new baby and have made all party invitations, the arrangement of food, decorative items. Make her baby shower party different and unique from the rest of the parties. Now it might be bothering you as to what to gift her on her baby shower. Well, a great idea would be gifting her a Diaper cake for the baby.

If you are creative, then bring out your creativity and design a diaper cake. First, you need to think about the material used in making the diaper cake. For making a perfect diaper cakes, you need tissue rolls, tissue papers, some colorful ribbons, diapers, cardboard sheet, some artificial flowers, glue, etc.

Start with cutting off a cardboard sheet. Now stick some tissues over it and stick it in a standing position. Now take the tissue rolls and place them on cardboard in standing position. Apply glue on it, so that it can stick to it. Make a round circle of tissue rolls on cardboard, and leave a blank space inside it. Here you can place milk bottle, baby clothes, diapers, etc. With this, you have managed to prepare one base row.

Hooray For Twins Three Tier Diaper CakeTake another round cut cardboard and in the same way place tissue rolls with the glue stick. Make it different from first one by applying some colored tissue rolls like pink. Inside blank space, place baby woolen shoes, soaks or cap. Now, you can add surprises one by one. With this, final third layer is ready. This final layer will contain a surprise for parents. Place a cardboard over it. Round some small baby towels and place those over the cardboard, just like you placed tissue rolls. Try to find different colorful towels and make a rainbow pattern over the top shelve of the cake. Make sure all should place well.

Base layer: This is the first step in making the diaper cake. Now the time comes to decorate it. Start from the base layer. Take some broad polka dotted ribbons of any color. Tie it around the tissue paper and make a bow knot just like we do in making fondant layer. Take some artificial flowers and stick it to tissue paper in one place.

Middle layer: In the same way, tie the ribbon on the second and top shelves of cake. On the second shelve, put some toys like rattle, teether, bunch of keys or toys of our choice but these toys must be small and have light weight.

Baby Gund "It's A Baby" Diaper Cake- 3 TierFinal layer: For decorating final layer, place a teddy bear on top shelve blank space. Tie a baby apron around its neck. Make a special apron on which touching words would be written for your friend and her husband. Words like best parents in the world, I love my parents, etc. This will move them deeply and help them realize the change the new baby will bring into their life.

Now, your diaper cake is ready. This cake is unique in its way as it contains gifts for baby in different layers. Apart from using tissues, you can use diapers and roll them, according to your need. Surprise your friend with this wonderful diaper cake and make her day special.

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20 Responses to “Do It Yourself: A “Unique” Diaper Cake Step By Step”

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  • Sarah Willis:

    Thanks, very useful tutorial! I just made an diaper cake, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  • Lorena:

    Good tutorial. Helped me easily make a diaper cake for the first time.

  • H Alvarez:

    Great idea! Thanks, easy to understand. love how simple this is :D

  • Irene Web:

    Girls, you have such talent making these, and a beautiful personality! Thank you for sharing the idias!!!!

  • Kelldon:

    A bottle of wine makes a great center for a diaper cake. Enjoyed by Mom and Dad.

  • Lynda:

    That is cute… I have always wanted to know how to make one cake. Thank you so much for the instructions.

  • Jeanette:

    How wonderful! I want one. I would make this for myself :D

  • Rhonda:

    Thanks for providing everyone with some informative tips on how to make Diaper Cake gift basket. The presentation of my cake was well organized.

  • Rosemarie Hammond:

    I would love to give this a try sometime…. Thank you!

  • Karla:

    Cute idea! This is really nice tutorial. I make professional diaper cakes myself.

  • Jeff Mccoy:

    Hello, Great ideas, My friend arrived baby just a few days and I am thinking of gift and all but now I will make this wonderful Diaper cake for her.. thanks for sharing.

  • Lester:

    I read your blog occasionally and would like to know what is the cost for a three tiered diaper cake?
    it’s driving me crazy so any help is very much appreciated

  • Verna11-jay:

    I love these cheap and useful gift ideas !! I wish to make one for family member!!!!!

  • Grace:

    fantastic! I don’t even know what a diaper cake *is*, honestly..

  • Giginovs:

    Hi there!!!! I make all kinds of diaper cakes. They’re so cute, and not all that hard to make. Good luck everyone and much success to you on your diaper cake adventure ;)

  • T.Allison:

    I am going to do this

  • AsBrady:

    You have the most awesome articles to read!

  • Katie Douglas:

    This is such a great Idea! I think I will be doing this for friends for their baby

  • Kate C.:

    Lucky are those who will receive these gift baskets from you. You have put on so much thought while planning this baskets. It shows what a wonderful person you are!

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