Do It Yourself: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Do It Yourself: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas Homemade baskets are a special way to give gifts to your near and dear ones. Homemade gift baskets can bring warm smile on anyone’s face. These baskets are packed with love and care. One can even apply their creative skills to make the gift basket look all the more attractive and different among others:

Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets
Gifting a home-made basket on Christmas is a perfect way of celebrating Christmas. As Christmas is celebrated in winter, all special winter food such as cookies, cake, etc. could be included in such basket. Homemade jam, pudding, Christmas crackers, juice, sauce, pies, etc. could also be added in the Christmas basket with a cute plush Santa sitting on the top. Decorate basket with Christmas stars, bells or ribbons to exude the feeling of Christmas.

Starbucks Greetings and Happy Birthday Gift CrateSpecial Birthday basket
You can make your close friend’s birthday special by using a special birthday basket. If you know what he/he likes, you could make a basket full of those things liked by your friend to surprise him or her abound. So fill up the basket with chocolates, or cookies and wrap it with transparent gift paper and a ribbon bow on top, to make your birthday gift stand out among others.

Special Valentine’s Day basket
Make your Valentine’s Day special by gifting a homemade basket. Add soft toys with heart shaped chocolates or cookies, and dress it up with intense love theme. You can also decorate the basket with red flowers on top of it, thus making it look more romantic and let your lover feel special.

Mother’s Day special basket
Celebrate this mother’s day by using special homemade breakfast basket to surprise your mother in the very morning. It could have her favorite coffee or tea mug, a toast, cake or muffins, jams, etc. that make your mom feel more valued and loved. If possible, place some popular magazine, newspaper or any book she has been looking for to add more zing to it. What could be better than leaving it on her bed and make her day all the more bright when she wakes up? You could also hang some tag with a personal message written on it.

Million Dollar DadFather’s Day special basket
Celebrate this Father’s day by gifting him bunch of things he enjoys the most. Take a basket and fill it up with things your father likes the most, such as old song DVDs, his favorite beer, some spiced nuts, his favorite movies DVD, a wristwatch, etc. If he likes some sports, then you can gift him a ball or a t-shirt of his favorite player.

Girl’s gift basket
Gifting a girl or your sister a special gift basket could surprise her beyond your expectations. Girls like doing makeup, so you can add nail polish, lipstick face-wash, facemask, clips, bands, bangles, hand cream, perfume or soft toys, chocolates with girls magazines. You can also include some romantic DVDs with her favorite actor or actress.

Chocolate basket
Chocolate basket as a homemade gift is the one of the best gifting idea to offer someone. Add things which have chocolates in it, like cakes, muffins, truffle, brittle, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, blocks of chocolate, choco pie, donuts, etc, and surprise your loved ones.

Tea Time Basket:
Making a homemade basket with different teas like gourmet teas, e.g. fruit tea, Chai, English teas (Earl Grey, English breakfast), Chinese teas (lapsang souchong, green tea, jasmine tea) could be a unique idea to impress anyone. You can add some snacks, such as cakes or puddings, etc. to compliment the other gift items. Gifting a cup or kettle set in a homemade basket could also be a good idea.

Village Caffe Deluxe Gift BasketCoffee Basket
You can make a basket full of different flavored coffees, with walnut cake, coffee candy, chocolate-coated coffee beans and dark chocolate (for the caffeine hit). Add home-made baked cookies with coffee to make it special.

Beer Basket
For those who enjoy beer in the evenings, they can be gifted a basket full of different types of beer with some snacks like salted peanuts or chips, and it’s a bet they would love it the most to have great evenings ahead.

Gardening Basket
For those who enjoy gardening, gift a basket and include gardening gloves, fork, spade, pruning shears, flower seeds, hand wash, sunhat, kneeling pad, or planting guide etc.

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  • Rochelle:

    The tutorial was good. Interesting tips.

  • Janie:

    LOVE homemade gift! I’m going to make one for my sister.

  • Verna:

    Awesome finds.
    great blog!!! lots of love and blessings

  • Rudy Lopez:

    Great idea with the theme coffee! It looks sensational and very rich

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    This was amazing! It gave me many great ideas for my friend’s birthday

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    Im new to the world of basket gift giving. I was very impressed with your ideas. Thanks for sharing your great advice.

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    Interesting tips for design. I would also add some healthy organic item to the gift baskets.

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    Hi just wondering if you have any New year gift ideas.
    Really liked your posts!

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    Great, it’s cute also, Giving someone homemade Gifts sounds good, and Giving homemade gifts to someone they remember you always with that gift.

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    My gift basket came out looking pretty cute.. thumps up!

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    omg my coffee basket is geourgous! love it!!!

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    Great, I got some great tips from you.

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    I just made my first birthday basket. Thank you so much for your tutorial :)

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    I’m going to make the bath time kit for my mom for new year. Thank you so much love your ideas!

  • Dageh789:

    I love all your ideas!! <3 Ideal for people that dont have much money. I need to find some cute products now :) 

  • Carole:

    Thank you for sharing, the Coffee basket was my favorite choice

  • Sheryl:

    Wow.. I love it… I’ve never seen this done before… I’ll be sure to save this article for the comming holidays… Thanks for the tip about the Christmas gifts…. Thanks again for sharing…..

  • Samantha:

    I have to give a basket to my mom, but i’m afraid that when I make it I wouldn’t want to give it to anyone and just eat it all up :-D

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