Experiment the Magic of Gifting Flowers

Experiment the Magic of Gifting Flowers Power Persuaders know that there is some magic in gifting flowers. When my business manager used it to promote the sale of my services, it led to an increase in the net worth of our business, which was around $200, 000. She used to conduct an effective meeting with a man who further carried our proposal to his executive. I suggested her to present the man with a bouquet of a dozen roses at the start of their meeting, to initiate a good gesture. However, in contradiction to my thoughts, she found the idea to be foolish and thought it may sound manipulative. Anyhow, the meeting concluded and we cracked the deal. After that, she asked the man if he misinterpreted the roses to be a bribe. At her question, the man laughed and said that earlier he did but later he appreciated the gesture.

Within a different context, to know the significance of flowers, you can go through the Chinese business tradition. In the previous years, when I was in Taiwan for a meeting, I was presented a large bouquet of flowers as a gesture of good luck.

Pink SpringFlowers provide a sense of personal and emotional touch and thus are the most effective way of presenting them to someone. There are two basic reasons why flowers make the perfect gift. Firstly, flowers provide a personal touch because many perceive that they are selected for someone special in particular. The handwritten notes with the flowers are what make the recipients feel special. The receiver thus knows that the presenter dictates the note. To maintain the personal touch, florists take utmost care that there is no mistake in the written notes. For example, if you were sending a bouquet of roses to your friend on his wedding and without your signature on it, then it would ruin all your efforts of presenting flowers.

Another problem with gifting flowers is the fact that people have the perception that it is being given as a bribe. However, that may not be true if flowers are a gesture of goodwill. The non-personalized gift items like a paperweights and letter openers do not create any problem in the personalization context. This is because it is known that such a gift is from a professional point of view. Flowers are exempted from similar assumptions.

Floral Burst Bouquet I learnt the importance of gifting flowers long ago when I bought a four-unit apartment building few years ago. An investor had purchased the whole street comprising of these subunits. He started by giving an advertisement in the Sunday paper. I was attracted by the advertisement and went further to visit it. Once I reached the destination, I found that it was a very popular place in California. However, all I could see there was hoards of investors bidding out for the space. I just asked if there was any of them left and a voice came that one was there for $129 000 with a 20% down. I agreed up on that. Question that was peeping into my mind was, “Am I doing the right thing, as I never even saw what I am buying.” However, I thought if there are already so many sold out, so this cannot be a wrong decision.

However, the next morning when I was there, I thought it was nothing but a purchase that I made in a hurry because I could have got something much better. While I was in the wave of my thoughts, I received a bouquet from the salesperson with a handwritten note “Congratulations on your wise investment”. This gesture carried out all my worries and I began to think all over from a new perspective. I even thought that the salesperson could have given it to somebody else also, so I must even thank him. This was a day I actually realized what a magic a gift of flowers carries.

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12 Responses to “Experiment the Magic of Gifting Flowers”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Sandy Crawford:

    It does feel nice to get flowers sometimes though but it is not necessary to me.

  • Gilbert Patton:

    I give flowers at least once a month on random occasions. We love having fresh flowers in the house. I like surprising her with them and making her feel special.

    • Yvette Austin:

      I think it brightens a room. there is something majestic about staring at a nice bouquet of flowers.

  • Sullivan:

    I couple it with a short message to make it even more touching.

  • Bernard77OAK:

    I give flowers my mom, my grandmother, my sister and a lot of my friends. I send them on occasions, like during anniversaries, birthdays, weddings. I find it necessary…

  • Edd Mo:

    if no one is at home, does the company leave them on the floor?

    • Gilbert Patton:

      i think it’s better to ask for the flowers to be delivered at work, in that way you will always get someone to receive them

  • Jeanette Mason:

    It may sound strange but I give flowers to myself. No kidding. I’m not ashamed to say that. I love flowers, plants :)

  • Vera:

    I once read about the company that had flowers delivered to all new employees on their first day. First days are exhausting. Flowers seem like such a nice gesture.

  • Amelia:

    most people consider flowers a great gift if someone is sick or if it’s their birthday, but there many unique reasons to gift flowers… or for no reason in particular

    • Fernando Reed:

      u r absolutely right
      white flower is the sign of peace
      red flower is the sign of love
      yellow flower is the sign of friendship

  • Virginia:

    Flowers are perfect for Bosses Day. I gave my old supervisor a beautiful bouquet of roses for this occasion.

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