Flowers With Romantic Meaning

Flowers With Romantic MeaningFlowers can bring a bright smile on anyone’s face. Gifting flower on different occasions is a trend followed by many people all over the world. Flowers carry freshness and fragrance which can hypnotize people of all ages. Nature has given a varied form of flowers to make the world look all the more enigmatic. Flowers are a perfect gift to show heart felt emotions towards someone. However, different flowers convey different symbolic meanings. Here are some of the most cherished flowers to share romantic feelings with someone special:

Yellow Acacia Flower
Yellow Acacia flower represents friendship, beauty, chaste or hidden love. Acacia means that your love is honest and true. It means to take hearty care of someone you simply adore. This flower is a perfect way of showing your true feelings to the one you are head over heels with.

Sweet Alyssum Flower
This sweet scented flower denotes supreme or exceptional beauty. It is a sign of peace and spiritual energy, as well. This provides emotional balance in relations and help to control anger.

 Miniature Living Azalea Bush Angelica Flower
Angelica flower gives inspiration and encouragement to those who are under stress. This flower soothes individuals, and protects them against negative energies. It also gives breather from excessive and persistent stress, thereby ushering in a bright new energy.

Azalea Flower
This flower shows passion and first love of life. It represents feminine qualities, such as delicacy and temperance. This flower is a perfect way of showing your love and care to the one you are madly in love with. This flower encourages a lover to take care of themselves for their partners.

Cherry Blossom Flower
A flower of fragility, spirituality and beauty of life, cherry blossom represents that life is short and beautiful. This flower has a great meaning for Chinese and Japanese people.

Clematis Flower
Clematis represents metal beauty and creativity. This flower can rise up to the walls, barricades, and grills.

White Clover Flower
This flower symbolizes life, energy, and good luck. This flower can make a person think about the person who has offered him/her white clover.

Pristine PassionYellow Daffodil Flower
Daffodils are flowers of beauty and are lucky for everyone. If a man or woman receives yellow daffodil, it means he/she has brought luck to his home.

White Dittany Flower
A flower of love and passion, it is a perfect gift for couples. Men like to give these flowers to lady love of their life.

Forget-Me-Not Flower
These represent true faithful love and a great way to show someone your real feelings and love. These are given to someone with a hope not to forget him or her.

Gardenia Flower
Gardenia is a symbol of secret love and to tell someone that you are lovely. This flower is meant for romantic people and given to that special person to whom you care about.

Gilly Flower
Gilly flower represents long lasting beauty and happiness in life. It gives sweet fragrance and it means to be satisfied with your life.

Vibrant EmotionsJasmine Flower
A strong scented flower with the meaning of love, modesty and sensuality reminds of those who are no longer with us. A flower of the nobility, grace, and elegance which means to attach yourself to someone you have loved dearly.

White Lilac Flower
A beautiful light purple or mauve color flower with a sweet fragrance, it represents the innocence of youth and purity.

Blue Salvia Flower
A flower with healing power symbolizes long life, good health, and wisdom. Any person suffering from some illness receives these flowers from those who love him, and think or wish for his good health and long life.

Blue Violet flower
A small beautiful flower of faithfulness and dedication, it has violet color which represents love, warmth, faith, and intuition.

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11 Responses to “Flowers With Romantic Meaning”

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  • Patty Rodgers:

    I love red roses, the perfect way to say I LOVE YOU !!!

  • Christy:

    Thank you very much for the information. I find this very interesting. as regards me, I prefer different type of flowers and colors, such as azalea flower, gerberas…

  • Ergift:

    Next time, instead of picking some roses from the store I’ll try sending the flowers to her office.

  • Leslie:

    giving flowers is expressing my feeling, I thinbk flowers are enough as they are fresh and colorful

  • Misty:

    I don’t like getting flowers because my cats eat them and then throw up.

  • Erik:

    I buy my girlfriend flowers regularly, because I know they make her happy. Its worth it… To express mylove and care… :)

  • J Chavez:

    Very nice article, I confess. Maybe it is time for giving some flowers to my wife’s office. Thanks for the reminder!! ;)

  • Brad:

    I think that flowers are for men who don’t know how to please women except by throwing money at them

  • Lydia Greer:

    Thank you very much for posting.. Love flowers.. They are very pretty!!!

  • Gerard:

    This is interesting topic and gave many good post. It is very useful and informative. I would like to send a gift to my gfriend..

  • Spencer:

    If you are looking to send flowers to your girlfriend who is far away from you. there is nothing to worry about now. I sent a gift basket and ordered flowers, she was thrilled.

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