Fun Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Fun Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas!
Give a personal gift this Father’s Day with a personalized present! Dad is sure to love the thought and effort. Besides, it sure beats another tacky tie! If you have children, or are making a present for your father, then get the kids or grandkids in on the merriment. They are great sources of inspiration, help, and thoughtfulness that make a gift truly memorable and long lasting.

Does Dad spend his days in an office? Is he the boss? Maybe the best gift for him is a nice new briefcase with his initials emblazoned on it. When you need to budget a little low think of other office supplies – stylish stationary with his name, a pen set, USB keychain, or whatever he could need. If children are making the gift then a paperweight is always appreciated. Or if he has a particular quirk he could need help with then get him something useful in that department – like a personalized lunch bag if he keeps losing his at work, or if he travels then a nice keychain with the kids’ picture in it.

Dad's Snack and Savories Cutting Board<img src=Work does not have to be the deciding factor – encouraging his hobbies is always appreciated. Got a gym junkie for a Dad? Come together with other siblings and buy him an iPod with a laser engraving of his name so that he can enjoy the gym with some tunes. Get tennis pros a new racket, or a golfer personalized golf balls. Maybe courtside or ringside tickets to an upcoming game for him and the kids. Whenever bonding is included in a gift it is made all the more memorable.

Other cute Father’s Day presents have always been glassware. If buying in lieu of your small children then consider a personalized mug with a photograph of his children, or imprints of their hands and feet if they are still infants. For on-the-go parents a nice new portable coffee mug or cup holder may be the best gift.

If you have small children then let sentimentality rule your gift. Things made by little ones are the most beloved of all – so get out the craft supplies or take a visit to a professional and have the kids make something. Have the name put on the gift, or ‘Dad,’ or ‘Grandpa.’ They get to have fun and you get to give a lovable present.

Remember, it will always be the thought that counts – but creating a long lasting memory takes a bit of inspiration as well as perspiration!

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13 Responses to “Fun Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas!”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Alex:

    I will prefer to give him a beautiful watch or a nice phone.

    • XO:

      Сell phone case

  • Aileen:

    I spend several hours looking for a gift to my father. Most of the websites that I looked could not give me good results

    • Rori:

      give him something sentimental like an old picture of the two of you with a new one next to it.

    • Sonya:

      Take him out for dinner to his fav place

      • Seth:

        all right, what is your dad’s favorite foods, take him out to eat or fix it for him.

        • Sonya:

          or simply order for him a beer basket with something yum yum

  • Snaw:

    get him a hat

  • Cordelia Brown:

    If he likes sports get him a gift card to the gym or tickets to a game.

  • Dot:

    I think about some special ashtray as a gift or Cuban cigars

    • Vincent:

      great idea, since Im going to cuba soon.

  • Bess:

    you could give him a simple letter. tell him that you love him and what he has done for you. make sure it is from your heart…

  • Kate Wallden:

    a big cake!!

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