Gift Basket Ideas for Babies

Gift Basket Ideas for Babies If you are that person who wants to throw a baby shower for your friend and it’s the first time for you, then here are the suggestions that would take away all your worries in regard to the gift ideas. The gift baskets that are available in the market today are highly expensive and are commercialized to a very large extent. Hence it always advisable to make your own gift basket as it will be more satisfying to you as well as to the recipient. It will bring an additional smile to the recipients when they come to know that you have made the basket all by yourself and your love and care would definitely be noticed.

You can choose either one of these suggestions or all of these suggestions depending upon your budget. But the one thing that you should have in your mind is that the gifts need to be appropriate and make sure that that your friend does not already own them.

Suggestion 1 – Things that are needed to create the nursery: The first thing that the parents may engage themselves in once their baby is due is the plan of the nursery. You may consult with your friend as to what they would need and make a note of what they already have. You can add other items from your list as well. It may range from cribs, diaper changing tables and other furniture to posters or nursery rhymes.

Suggestion 2 – Toys for babies: Toys for babies cannot be chosen without knowing the interest of the baby that is to be born. Hence it is always safe to go light on the toys. They could be neutrals like teethers, pacifiers, rattles, feeding bottles, bibs and spoons.

Suggestion 3 – Bath products for babies: The one thing that parents would be grateful to you is for bath products that you put in the basket, because that is what will bring headaches to them once the baby has arrived. The bath products that you may put in the basket may include baby shampoo, baby soaps, baby shower gel, bath salts, brush sets, baby towels, travel kits, wipes, baby bath toys etc. This would ensure that the baby would be enjoying your gifts daily in the near future.

Personalized Lamby Love Moses Basket Once you have decided on the things that you are going to put in the basket, you can decorate the basket with bows and ribbons and can even go with a particular theme. The theme may be a color theme or a cartoon character theme or a season theme. It all depends on your choice and budget.

Apart from the baby shower gifts, you may also be required to gift babies or children who have already arrived. Then the things that should be considered are the age and the interests of the children.

You may also be required to gift the people who visit and those gift baskets may include baby cookies, baby cupcakes, photo frames, albums or baby toys. This sweet gesture is sure to be appreciated. You can also gift the parents with gourmet wine and food to celebrate the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

If the occasion is a baby christening function, then you may include a small bible or a silver cup or any other symbolic objects that adhere to the religion and the theme of the recipient to mark the occasion.

The effort that you put in will always show your love and support towards the recipient.

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17 Responses to “Gift Basket Ideas for Babies”

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  • Moreen:

    Babies need attention, love and care, and something from what you’ve mentioned before.

  • Helen:

    I think bath products for babies are ideal for young parents. It’s what they really need at first.

  • Proxie:

    babies don’t need anything at first moments of their life. Instead, their parents need money, a lot of, so you better start thinking that way. :)

  • Hooray:

    Yes, personal approach always works the best

  • Dana:

    Well, I don’t have anough time to make baskets all by myself, so I prefer ordering them from a gift basket website

  • Johnyboy:

    Silver cups ain’t cheap. I think it’s a too expensive gift for a baby, even if it’s christening

  • Pennie OOG:

    my best friend made me a basket full of practical baby products. is soo gorgeous.

  • Angyy777:

    voucher for photo studio/shoot for mum and bub would be nice

  • Mars:

    Thanks so much. These are some great ideas to get me started :)

  • Irene D:

    So many people buy little baby things that are gorgeous but they grow out of quickly and don’t get a chance to wear so I myself would prefer something for when they are over 6 months personally.

  • Doreen:

    I would say baby carriers and slings are useful

  • kohr99:

    Blankets – One of the most useful items a new mother can own. You don’t appreciate quite how many blankets you’ll need until baby arrives.

  • JasonCrype:

    This is my very first time visiting your site and I am very fascinated. Thank you for sharing and keep up ;)

  • Typicalcat:

    Hello. And Bye.

  • Howahan:

    Hello everyone, i recommend this site to all, there you will find a lot of discount coupons for a variety of goods and services

  • DarrellGligo:

    Wow! This is one of the most helpful things on the topic I’ve ever read. Thank you for your effort.

  • JSot:

    Nowadays it is so difficult to use your site. So I want to ask, dear, how long should we wait the items.

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