Gift For Your Colleagues At Work

Gift For Your Colleagues At Work Are you confused about what to give your colleagues at a holiday party in the office?

Still not sure what to buy for your co-worker which makes him or her happy? Here are 20 amazing ideas which will most likely bring a smile on your colleagues face after seeing your gift:

Desk Organizer:
Give your colleague a desk organizer in which he/ she can hold all the memos. A pen holder with notepad is also a good gift option.

To do list Mug:
A mug with a list in which your colleague will organize his/her daily tasks to perform can be a beneficial gift. This mug would also remind him or her about what needs to be done during the working hours, along with using it as a coffee mug. It comes with a dry erase marker, so daily task can be erased easily after completing it on the respective day.

Smartphone Micro Stand:
Often colleagues forget their phone here and there, and worry about it being dropped or slipped out of hands. For such people, this smartphone stand is a good gift to get this problem sorted.

Elegant Silver Cabernet Sauvignon Gift Basket CollectionPortable Capsule Speaker:
Many colleagues will work better with little background music. Thus, a portable speaker would be a perfect gift for music lovers.

Vanishing Vase:
Many female colleagues love to keep flowers on their desk. Vanishing vase is the best gift to keep flowers intact and fresh.

Calculator Notepad:
It is a perfect gift for those who frequently do calculations. It comes with a notepad, so one can write down important notes during meetings.

Often colleagues find it hard keeping a track of their pens and other stationary. This pouch is a perfect gift for those colleagues to keep all their stuff in one place.

Gifting a notepad to keep all the important points noted while doing meetings is perhaps the most commonly used gift option for colleagues.

Tea Bags:
Many colleagues are fond of drinking tea while doing work. Those can be gifted special tea bags so that they can handle work load alongside.

Chocolates of different flavors are available in the market and it is indeed a great gift for chocolate lovers in your office.

Pen set:
Give your colleagues a pen set so that he or she can note down important things without looking here and there.

Photo Frame:
Photo frames can be used to keep the family pictures close while working on the desk. So it is a warming gift for your colleagues.

Say It NecklaceMug Warmer:
There are many colleagues who forget to drink their tea or coffee while doing work and often end up drinking cold tea or coffee. Mug warmer is the perfect gift for them.

Office Bag:
Gift a spacious office bag or laptop bag in which your colleagues can keep their files, folders or any other important stuff.

Table Clock:
Table clock will help keeping an eye on time, so that assigned work can be completed on time. This is a perfect gift for those colleagues who have time based job roles.

Memo Stick Roll:
Colleagues can also be gifted sticky notes for important memos and they can tear the size as much as they need.

Desktop Calendar:
Desktop calendar can help in tracking important days in the month. This could be a good gifting option for colleagues who often forget important days. A desktop calendar which reflects your colleague’s style is a perfect gift for him/her.

Water Bottle:
There is always a colleague in the office who asks for water frequently or perhaps he or she has more drinking capacity than others. For such colleagues, a drinking bottle is a suitable gift.

Make Up Box:
Often, girls like doing perfect make up in official settings. For such colleagues, makeup box is a suitable option which will surprise her, as well as make a useful gift.

You can also gift special perfumes to those who like collecting them. It is a personalized item, thus should be given after proper check.

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12 Responses to “Gift For Your Colleagues At Work”

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  • Blanca Gross:

    There are plenty of options for quick and quality gift-giving. We gave leather card holders and personalized chef apron. It was much appreciated.

  • D Nash:

    There are different rules when you’re giving gifts at work. Usually we give only flowers or chocolates.

  • Hugs:

    Giving someone personalized things, mug is a good idea, it ia a lovely way to boost the life in the office every single day.

    • Brendan:

      I have such mug at the office, it has a fun image with my face and I really really like it

  • Elvira:

    My colleagues asked me about the gift and I said I would like a nice messenger bag. It would be perfect for every day :)

  • Clif:

    Can’t go wrong with brushed steel photo frames

  • Nettie Perry:

    Books are meaningful, educational, and affordable gifts.

  • Angelina James:

    Perfume or personal care products are too personal, especially when given to a member of the opposite sex.

  • Rose Npetals:

    Thanks for sharing a good information.

  • Melody:

    prefer to give small gifts. like a small soap for each person. it looks really nice

  • Ruth:

    Love your idias. Definitely doing it.

  • Livechatmat:

    Useful ! Thanks you. I love your site! I all come back.

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