Gift Giving Guidelines

Gift Giving GuidelinesGiving someone a present is a fun experience for you and for them. Sometimes selecting that present can be difficult, especially if you are not personally close to the recipient. Here are a few gift giving guidelines!

You should already know this, but just in case you do not, match the gift to the event or holiday. When at a baby shower give baby items or things new moms could use. During your anniversary you need an impressive, romantic present. If you believe these thoughts are obvious ideas stop and think how many women have gotten vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and other non-romantic gifts!

When it comes to birthday shopping what really dictates your gift is your level of intimacy with the recipient. Your wife’s birthday is as important as Christmas, while your employer’s birthday is a minor event that you may not even mark at all (unless you are after a raise!). Play off of what you know about a person – if your secretary wears different scents each day a small bottle of perfume is a nice gift. Another great thing to consider is gifts you know the person would love but would not bother buying for themselves, because a birthday is the perfect day to treat them!

Office Essentials Set Sometimes gag gifts can be fun, but you should be intimately acquainted with the person and be able to judge their reaction. They can often be poorly received, so do not give one unless you are sure the other person will ‘get it.’ If you are a boss then gag gifts are inappropriate in the workplace.

When you get stuck try and think what you would want if you were in their position. Is your wife a busy mom whose anniversary is coming up? Then relaxing would be perfect, so maybe a trip to the spa is the best gift. If you need a housewarming gift then think about what you forgot to buy when you bought your first house and pick it up for them! Get creative while playing off your own experiences.

For those you do not know well stick to general gifts that anyone can make use of, like food gift baskets, candles, and gift cards. There is no shame in a more generic gift, especially for those whose tastes you are not well acquainted. Just remember to creatively wrap it and ensure the thought was there!

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16 Responses to “Gift Giving Guidelines”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Grant:

    What gift do you give to the person who has everything?

    • Mariette Smith:

      Maybe you get them a book from their favorite author

    • Mandyr:

      A new car would be nice ;) ))

  • Lorid:

    it’s always difficult to select a gift, no matter how close u are to the recipient

  • Nicki:

    I act like I’m online shopping for myself and I ask opinions on products.. Eventually the other person will show you something they really like/want.

  • Phebs:

    get them something from their childhood, I think nostalgia gifts are always great!

  • Swatch:

    the gift depends on the personality and lifestyle of the recipient

    • Feelin:

      also, male or female, old or young, foodies or health nuts? what are their hobbies or interests?

  • Collins:

    ohhh simply inquire what they’d like, but in this case your gift won’t be original or a big surprise :)

  • Ernest:

    I want to send a surprise gift to a friend, the problem is I don’t know her address. I only know her name. How can I ask without giving away my plan?

    • Jacob:

      Ask her to “tell you about” the place she works. till she tells you the part of town it’s in, what it’s near, and what it’s called. Send a gift to her at work :)

      • Ernest:

        It’s a great idea, actually

    • Dondon:

      Sounds like you are trying to buy her affection with gifts. Do you know how she feels about you?

      • Ernest:

        It sounds like but it doesn`t. That implies that men who give their gf or wifes aren’t “alpha male” or real men?

        • Dondon:

          Not exactly, any woman that isn’t submissive to you will not make a good girlfriend.

          • Ernest:

            I don’t give much in gifts, but I would love to put a smile on a girl’s face

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