Gifting a Bottle of Wine from afar

Gifting a Bottle of Wine from afar While the celebration is going on in the restaurant, you might think of bestowing a bottle of wine upon the person. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you in doing so in an efficient manner.


The Appropriate Way
The right manner is just the simplest way. You can give a call to the manager of the particular restaurant where the person you want to gift will be dining. Tell them your credit card number and ask them to give the person whatever he may demand of. When I used to be a restaurant waiter, there was hardly any instance of the receiver asking me to buy the most expensive of all in the wine menu. Rather I was always asked to choose bottle that will best suit the meal. I always tried my best to choose the one that was neither too expensive but suited the occasion. One thing that people generally forget is asking the manager for an additional tip with the cost of wine. This must be remembered.


It is not for you

One point while purchasing any gift for any occasion is that you keep in mind that you are not taking it for yourself but for another person. So keep in mind rather the interest of the receiver than yours. Napa Valley CharmThe same goes for the bottle of wine. For example, red wine is the most expensive one and you like expensive gifts, but it would be of no use if the person whom you are about to gift does not like its taste. I will narrate one of my experiences here. My friend Chris, who is allergic to red wine, was presented it as a surprise on his birthday. However, to the misfortune of the giver, Chris replied to him with a note that thanks for the present but it gives him hives. So imagine how would the giver must have felt. So try to find out the taste of the person rather than blindly presume that expensive wines are the best ones.


Champagne at your service

A very right and straight way to gift someone a bottle of wine from afar is simply calling the restaurant to get champagne for your receiver’s table. Love of Wine in TriplicateIf you are short of funds, then it is suggested that you buy a couple of champagne glasses for your gift receivers. Nothing can be better than a bottle of champagne with champagne glasses waiting for them at their place. Or another option would be to give them desert wine at the end of the meal. Either way, you can please the person in an efficient manner.


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15 Responses to “Gifting a Bottle of Wine from afar”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Anne Mcdaniel:

    A bottle of red wine sounds good! Perfect for winter.

  • Glen 447:

    it’s fun to present a friend or family member with a wine you think they’d like. most times I hit it right :)

  • Ed xx:

    I do gift wine and probably will follow the same guidelines as you do !!!! hope it will be a great surprise.

  • Haynes:

    I only hand it out to those who love wine and if they are not at the wheel

    • urkeformer:

      Yeahh.. I gift wine too…. but to only those that I know love wine.

  • Mae:

    I would do a nice basket – put 2 bottles of wine, get a couple of wine glasses and stoppers. EASY!

    • Cathy Bennett:

      If you do a basket, maybe do a few nice bottles of wine and some chocolate snacks.
      Or is there a nice restaurant you could get them a gift certificate to?

  • Ev00goprer:

    What’s a good wine to gift someone? Any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Giliy:

      I love Moet Champagne. it’s flavorful, tasty and very festive

      • Hrangordo:

        I agree with the Moet suggestion. One of my personal favorites.

    • Boyd:

      If you going to give someone wine, you need to know if they like sweet or dry.

  • Kissflower:

    I love Californian wines. Giving wine is a challenge. A small fruit basket with a bottle of wine would be friendly I think.

    • Ev00goprer:

      Thank you guys for the suggestions. I don’t know if they like sweet or dry so I think I’ll try to get something :)

  • Christine:

    My boss is a big wine lover and I usually get him a gift when come back from a trip. Thank you for the tips. I’ll try to make a gift basket for him :)

  • weightloss:

    A round of applause for your article post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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