Give budget friendly gifts

Give budget friendly gifts
This year, I have almost 50 people on my Christmas gift list including my own family, my relatives, friends, their kids, neighbors and many people from my social circle. Christmas is not the only time when I have to give gifts to them, their birthdays are also gift buying occasions. Collecting gifts in your own budget limits is a difficult task to do. In order to be easy on my budget, I plan for gifts a year before. For example, I avail all kinds of sales and discount offers to buy various kinds of gifts for birthdays and Christmas occasions. This not only saves money but also, I don’t spend time at shopping malls a night before Christmas in deciding what to buy for my relatives. Usually things are cheaper after the third week of Christmas, i.e. end of January. This year, I planned to give away sweaters in different colors to everyone on Christmas. Their real price was almost $59 but in Christmas sale, they were reduced to almost $ 40. By the time, I bought them in January; they costed me around $25 only.

Isn’t it too reasonable? With proper planning of my budget and shopping, I was able to save almost 50%! Putting gifts in basket makes it little presentable. The baskets I had kept in my attic helped me this year while packing gifts for my family. Few years back, I planned to give away homemade gift baskets to my family. So I put spaghetti sauces and spaghetti inside those baskets. If you want to try it this time, you can look at huge homemade variety as well like dried bean soup, jelly assortment, homemade muffins or anything of your choice. If mugs are in your budget, you can give away some teabags of coffee or any sort of flavored tea in it.

On occasions like Christmas, gift coupons are considered to be one of the most budget friendly gifts of all times. With the help of gift coupons, you will not have to choose a gift for your relative that will not only take less of your time but also you will end up buying a worthy gift for your loved one.

Godiva Signature Birthday BallotinI have discussed homemade goodies above. The homemade dishes are no doubt very delicious but they might not be as economical as you have planned. By the time, you will reach the cash counter of shopping area; you will realize that buying chocolates and nuts is more expensive as compared to buying another gift. Also, you will end up spending hours in kitchen while cooking a delicious dish as a gift. If you want to keep your gift economical as well as homemade, my tip will surely help you. For your dish, make it in a large quantity. Cut it in few fancy shapes then put it in holiday paper plates by wrapping them in colorful sheets. Get a ribbon from a nearby 1 dollar store and tie a gift tag and a bow along with it.

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10 Responses to “Give budget friendly gifts”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Tina:

    I would give something that reflects passions, hobbies or personality but it’s always a problem to choose

  • Jill:

    As a budget friendly gift i can recommend – books

    • Huntleo:

      A friend of my mom gave us a family bible with illustrations. She also wrote me a really nice letter :)

  • Jenice Jay:

    Family photographs are a wonderful gift for mom or dad. it’s so symbolic.

  • William:

    Last two years we sent gift baskets with food and candy. It’s the perfect gift!

  • Ketchti:

    thnx for the interesting topic! you re the best!

  • Glad77:

    what is the most unique or your favorite gift that you’ve given/received???

    • Olivia:

      I have received a basket with italian herbs, pasta sauce, wine… It was so cute and extraordinary! I love it.

      • Olivia:

        btw, I’ve given it as a gift several times myself

  • Laurie:

    I would want to send/give a lot of gifts for Christmas time, but I never have spare money at that time of year…. lol

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