Giving Gift with the Powers of Yin and Yang

Giving Gift with the Powers of Yin and Yang In life, your aim must not only be to keep yourself happy but also to keep other persons happy. You can do this by giving gifts to other persons to show them the love you have for them. Slowly and steadily, you will see that magic will evolve as passion inside you will be generated, and you will get happier. It will also make your relationship with the other person more powerful than before. In addition, the decision of helping others in the form of gifts will really give you a sense of satisfaction as well as achievement at the same time.

Gifting is one of the most effective ways of expressing your gratitude towards someone. Feelings of care and affection arise when you do such activities. In addition, you must be spontaneous in giving gifts. You need not wait for a particular occasion to gift your loved ones with something special. Give them gifts surprisingly so that they get happy and excited too. Sharing your monetary resources can be a perfect way to gift your loved one. Women especially love to get gifts without any particular reason. According to the Greek mythology, the Three Graces, which actually are women, have been known for the art of giving knowledge and art.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask In a mature relationship, partners practice the art of giving quite often. Giving gifts has nothing to do with the size or cost of the gift. This is because giving a gift is a symbol of gratitude. In a healthy relationship, the practice of give and take is generally seen a healthy way of expressing love for each other. Even gifts like a simple teddy bear, a handmade greeting card or even a $ 5 card is something that is given with the feeling of love, so make sure you never underestimate the feeling of the other person who is gifting you with a present, whatever size and cost may be.

Many perceive that if you are gifting someone then you will also get something in return. Nevertheless, it should not be so, never gift someone with an intention of getting something back. The powers of yin and yang have in themselves the power of nourishing each other. In a healthy relationship, there is always a practice of give and take. On the contrary, if only one partner is doing the task of give and take then definitely something is not right in that relationship.

Coffee Time Gift BasketFor choosing an occasion to gift, you can also celebrate the monthly anniversaries of your relationship. To add a lover’s touch in what you gift to your partner, you can gift presents like stuffed animals, chain tricklets or any other item that may be small but adds a personal touch to what you give. Everyone loves to feel important in another person’s eyes, and gifts are the most efficient way of presenting this feeling. It is a hard truth of life that until and unless we do not live for others or do not take care of another person’s happiness, we can never be happy ourselves.

Giving gifts to the other person can be grateful if we give it without the intention of being repaid. It is only when we give gifts with a sense of gratitude that an endless energy is developed inside us. In fact, it is our responsibility to make our future generations also aware of the art of giving with a sense of gratitude rather than just collecting the possessions. So try to impress someone with a personal touch by not just buying the expensive gifts but just the ones that can bring smile to a person’s face.

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9 Responses to “Giving Gift with the Powers of Yin and Yang”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • K Barrett:

    Great! Thanks for sharing! Its been a while I gave my girlfriend anything.. So I wanna give her something.

    • Tom C:

      I noticed that women are generally more happy with a good experience than a gift. I’d suggest that you plan a nice date.

  • Ada Mason:

    I made a list of everyone for whom I would buy a birthday gift and organized it in my calendar. I haven’t been to your blog for a while… I’m happy I’m back.
    It’s so fun!

  • Jackjon:

    Give her a hand-made painting from your favorite photo together

  • Caroline:

    It is better to give than to receive

    • K Barrett:

      thank you everyone! :)
      Caroline, it’s strange to hear that from the women

      • Caroline:

        I enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them. It’s true. I prefer to give someone a special homemade gift right from my heart. it’s the simple joy

  • Veronica:

    try to personalize the gift. To give a really great inexpensive gift you have to think beyond the generic gifts of perfume for women and ties and socks for men.

  • Monica:

    I would have to say giving a gift is more important because some other people in the world don’t receive any gifts at all!

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