Giving Presents to Children

Giving Presents to Children
As a child, what did you love more than a trip to the toy store? As an adult, it is still exciting to shop for children, who only seem to have fun gifts (aside from clothes, but you’re the cool aunt, uncle, grandma, etc, who would never give boring old clothes, right?). Going to a toy store can be like taking a walk down memory lane.

If you are buying for a child, and you have children yourself, then take them along. When your child is invited to a birthday party definitely bring them to the toy store because they will know exactly what their friend likes. A child is the best person to make a selection because they have their finger on the pulse of what is popular in their age group. This may not always be true, though. For example, a ten year old boy is unlikely to pick a good gift for a three year old.

Call up their parents! Do not be afraid to ask for specifics, or even just general information like their hobbies, interests, favorite characters, etc. Speaking with parents helps to ensure you do not buy something they already have, especially if they are throwing a theme party.

Do not push your own favorites on the child you are buying for. As much as you love reading, a Kids’ National Geographic subscription is unlikely to thrill a child who does not read. Likewise, that baseball bat might fill you with dreams of creating a little leaguer, but if they are uninterested in sports then it is a poor gift. Customize it to their tastes and wants, not yours.

Giving Presents to Children When buying a gift for a child you need not go crazy with spending. If you are buying for a neighbor or acquaintance then a small stuffed animal may be enough, but for your own grandchild you would need something more. A good assumption is $1-5 per year, with $1 for children you do not know well, and $5 for your own kids. For example, that means for a ten year old neighbor a small $10 gift would suffice, while a $15 gift would work for your five year old nephew. These are just rough estimates to give you ideas.

No matter what you give ensure it is something the child can get good use out of now. Remember that most young children dislike clothes, savings bonds, and items that do not deliver instant gratification. So if you want to be a cool grandma or awesome aunt bring them something they will have fun with!

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15 Responses to “Giving Presents to Children”

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  • Jessy:

    Children love Skittles and M&M’S, but a lot of mothers do not give chocolate to their children for health and teeth reasons.

  • Sara:

    I purchased the gift for my grand-niece, she is 6 years old and loves all the Disney Princesses. She was extremely happy to receive it.

  • Rain:

    Many children love puzzles. Because puzzles are fun. Also, they are training their brains to problem solve.

    • Crash:

      And, I love puzzles, too! I’m 42 years old :D

      • Rain:

        ooohhh …. your children should be happy ;)

  • Nita:

    before buying the gift, you need to determine the child’s interests

    • Angie:

      sure, for some children it may be art, for others music, some athletics

      • Nita:

        yeahhhhh you need to find out what motivates the child you are buying a gift for.

  • Blanch:

    many boys (3-10 years) love cars, trucks and trains

    • Nita:

      a boy that age may not love these gifts, and if you give a beautiful truck to a child that has no interest in such things can be detrimental, it can cause stress to him

      • Clem:

        i doubt it can cause stress to him, he will more likely ignore these gifts

    • Ollinone:

      ohhh… now we collect garbage trucks

  • Arabelle:

    I love to receive gift baskets, but I never thought about giving one to a child. I love the puzzles. Nice idea!

  • Fae:

    My grandson would love to receive the dinosaur basket. He is really into dinosaurs right now… lol

    • Regina:

      next time my mom asks what to get my son, i will probably suggest this. Thanks for sharing! :)

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