Grandparent’s Day Gift Ideas!

Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas!
Celebrate Grandparents Day and start a tradition in your family! Grandparents are loving relatives that get to spoil and cherish their grandkids, and usually when Mom or Dad says no, Grandpa or Grandma will say yes!

Grandparents Day is a nationally recognized holiday that occurs on the second Sunday in September. Take a little time to thank your grandparents for their efforts, to relive an old childhood memory with them, or help your children make memories with your parents.

Sometimes simple gifts are the best – like a beautiful picture frame with a picture of the kids altogether. Animated frames are very neat and they can scroll through multiple pictures. Also, photographs can go on all sorts of things nowadays too, like mugs and aprons, so feel free to get creative! Adding photographs to calendars is a fun gift for grandparents, too; Put pictures of family at the top and instead of adding national holidays add the birthdays of family members!

The classic standby is something made by the littlest hands! This evokes a sentimentality that store bought gifts cannot match. Take your children to a craft store and have them pick up the necessities for a personalized gift. Sometimes a homemade card can be the most cherished gift against a mountain of store bought treats.

Essence of Italian DelightsFood is always good! Take your grandparents out to dinner, or invite them over and cook for them. Make their favorites, talk family gossip, and reminisce. Alternatively, a tasty gift basket loaded with delectables is sure to please, and it is something that both grandparents can share. For an easier option with less fuss, food gift baskets are the way to go.

Whenever you need a gift following a person’s hobbies is always a good idea. Does Grandpa like golfing? Get him new golf balls or offer to be his caddy for the day! Is there a green thumb on your Grandmother? Then new gardening gloves and a spade may be a good present. Seeds or a cutting of a lovely flower are good gardening gifts, too.

Grandparents Day was started by a West Virginian named Marian McQuade. While rallying for her cause she claimed her goal was to educate the youth about seniors, but it is far more likely that she started the holiday to accrue gifts from her over three dozen grandchildren (just kidding!).

Whether you are celebrating your own grandparents, or helping your children celebrate your parents, make sure that this fall you take a little time off after the start of school to say I love you and thank you to the people who started it all!

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9 Responses to “Grandparent’s Day Gift Ideas!”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Rudy:

    Thank you for the post! I didn’t know about this holiday before.

  • Eric Man:

    This is the special day to celebrate with the grandkids. don’t forget about them.

    • Charose:

      It’s a day to honor our elders, express our love and respect them. I think we should spend the day with them next weekend.

  • Maxie:

    I’m thinking of the gift to show my appreciation. Food is always good! food gift baskets are the way to go. Even if we are far apart… I STILL LOVE THEM MORE THAN EVER AND I ALWAYS WILL :)

  • Noelle:

    No matter how far apart we are, we will always be together. One big family.

  • Henry:

    I know some people who don’t have grandparents. They help elderly people. they are very lonely, some of them live in nursing homes. I take off hat to them. They do many good things. Take care!

    • Shawn Sellers:

      When I asked my dad for his idea of the best gift for a grandparent, he said: “a visit!”

  • Anastasia:

    if you live far away, the gift basket with something special and healthy food should be appreciated. i think they need your regard. unfortunately i don’t have gparents, they are no more.. good luck to all of you!

  • Dwayne:

    I gave my gfather a gift certificate to have his car detailed which includes washing, waxing, cleaning, etc

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