Holiday Gifts for Divorced Friends

Holiday Gifts for Divorced Friends Divorce brings with it both freedom and loneliness in one’s life. It is a very hard decision to make because, at one side, two persons agree to get apart to get rid of an already dead relationship and on the other side, they have to make themselves prepared for the coming phase of life which they have to rebuild all alone, with the scar of divorce. But their grief can be moderated if they have friends out there who have faith in them and their decision and are always there with all their time to support and listen to them. There are many gift ideas which can be presented to a newly divorced friend which can in effect curtail their jolt and inspire them to lead a happy life ahead. Some of the gift ideas are mentioned below and I hope they would surely rejuvenate thoughts of your grieving friend:

1 Coffee Mug Saying “Hello Happy Moments and Bye Clogged Life”: This gift would give faith to your friend that he took a right decision by unburdening that clumsy relationship and there is a happy life ahead.

The Gifts of Heaven Holiday Assortment2 Movies Featuring Life of Divorced people: This gift would inspire your friend to get ahead and leave all bad memories behind and, of course, you as a friend should always be there to lend your shoulder to cry and wipe his/her tears.

3 Books to Heal that Scar of Break Up: These books really help because actually now divorced individuals have enough of aloof time and they tend to read books for occupying their mind and if you gift them the book which characterizes them, then they would surely learn from it and get back to life with all their vigor and spirit.

4 Gift them a Subscription of Hobby Classes: This idea really works out as it would occupy your friend with what he/she enjoys and thus make him/her adjust with life as time passes. These hobby classes can be yoga class, gym subscription, golf practicing, cooking class and many more in which your friend had an interest but could not pursue because of marriage responsibilities.

5 Requirement Gift: Divorce brings with it financial insecurity and as a friend you must be knowing what does your friend badly needs and he/she could not afford it, you can gift that to them, so they can be relieved of such nitty gritties of life.

My Mother, My Friend Gift Basket6 Spa treatment: Divorce shakes victims mentally and if mental health is not good, it also spoils physical health. Thus, if you gift spa treatment to your friend, then he/she may get relaxed and refurbish all his/her energy to kick start life with all ardor.

7 Picnic: Many times divorced persons have to take care of their children also. So, they would feel happy if you take him/her along with children to some picnic spot so that the family can get rid of their grieving moments for some time.

I know these gifts are only secondary; you are the primary person who can bring life to your friend. However, these gifts would surely support you in making efforts to rejuvenate your friend.

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11 Responses to “Holiday Gifts for Divorced Friends”

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  • Vicki Sherman:

    A friend of mine just went through a divorce. She was too tired by the situation. We aimed to support her. I don’t wish anyone else to go through same pain.

    • Virgil Poole:

      In a way, supporting a divorcing friend is not unlike supporting a grieving friend

  • Sara:

    when my sister get a divorce and I don’t know the right way to respond…
    what to say in this situation

    • IsaFFrod:

      She needs your friendship more than anything else. Maybe you were not so closed.

      • Sara:

        when I’ve heard about it, my thought was she’s making a mistake

  • BrVmuy:

    I’d give some gift cards for food places. It was really hard for me to eat, I didn’t want to cook because I was depressed. Or a basket with fruit or any other treats.

  • Eula:

    Normally for a women I would say a spa treatment might be nice

    • Jane Ryan:

      Take her out for a nice meal or other activity.

  • Patricia C:

    Gifts for divorced friends! Love this post. This makes me so happy. Once again amerigiftbaskets, spot on :)

  • Jane:

    it is really hard to give advice for good gift giving when you don’t know the person.

    • Alyssa Moons:

      I guess I’ll be the first to say it…

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