How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath!

How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath
Making Christmas decorations is a huge part of the seasonal fun, and for many children it becomes a cherished lifelong memory. Adults can find it to be a great way to make a one-of-a-kind heartfelt gift. Gingerbread houses are old hat these days, the new modern craze is wreath making and an eye popping alternative to the traditional methods of wreath creation is by using candy.

Candy wreaths are fun, colorful, and tasty! Kids enjoy putting them together, and adults enjoy receiving them. They are not the easiest decoration to make, but not at all difficult. With a little planning and ingenuity you will have a beautiful holiday decoration using a hot glue gun, a wire base, and candy.

Buying a wire base is far and away the easiest way to get started. If you are inventive you can make your own, but people who have never made candy wreaths before will find it enough of a challenge without that step. Once you have your base it is time to get the candy!

Christmas Bounty Gift BasketGet candy with wrappers – loose candy will not work for a candy wreath. Small, individually wrapped candies can be the best to work with. Peppermint candies and classic looking hard candies are wonderful, but you can use individually wrapped bubble gum, lollipops, and fun sized candy bars.

Either get all the same types of candies to ensure an even look, use a color scheme of a few colors (ie: only red and green wrappers), or buy a bunch of different candies for a collage of color. Your choice is up to you.

Take your hot glue gun and begin to glue the candies on the wire. Layer them as they will not lie perfectly since you are not putting them down on an even surface but on wire. Use a central wire and, with each subsequent layer, move away from that wire to make a larger and larger wreath. Make sure to move the candy layers instead of simply putting them on top of the other or it will not look like a wreath, and ensure that you are hot gluing the wrapper, not the candy (that way the candy can still be eaten!).

When the base is done finish it off by correcting any errors and fixing anything that has come undone or fallen off. Then add a few final touches, like a candy cane, ornament, or bow. After that you only have to decide if you will gift it, or keep it!

Obviously, this will not work for small children! A paper plate with the middle cut out and hard candies, with some child safe glue, will do far better. Adults and teens can do the more eye appealing hot glue method above, but even children can get in on the candy wreath fun!

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16 Responses to “How To Make A Christmas Candy Wreath!”

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  • Pgold:

    How long does that take to make?

  • Nolly:

    i used chocolate indivisualy wrapped, it took about 3 boxes and two hours, but it looked good.

  • Maxie:

    I have always wanted to know how to do this.

  • Koun3:

    That’s a great idea!

  • Megan:

    Good idea! I am so going to make it for my family!!! We don’t do Christmas gifts any more so this will just be a laugh!

  • Nadaq:

    it looks very pretty! i’m off to buy some sweeties now, my friends will love this :D

  • Phyl:

    thats a good idea, i want to make one

  • Rosemarie j:

    niiiiiiiice really lovely idea :)

  • Rent:

    I have been making these for years. When I give a candy wreath, I include one of my hearts so that after the candy is gone, the love lingers on.

  • Hetty:

    It is so easy, the kids had fun! They made them for their teachers for Christmas :)

  • Clemmie Franqui:

    I make christmas wreaths every year!!! I really enjoy it :) It’s really not that hard. I begin with the biggest elements and then add on smaller and smaller ones.

  • Clemmie Franqui:

    The beauty of that is I could make it any size I wanted. Use pine cones, eucalyptus. My only tip -> wear gloves!

  • catess55:

    ow!! I love that I want to make my friend one now!! she really has a sweet tooth

  • Virginia:

    What a great idea, going to be making this.

  • Roberta Rose:

    that’s so cool. I love constructive things.. I’ll have to share it with my sis who’s got 5 kids!!! : )

  • Brooke:

    Love this… It is so cute

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