Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving?

Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving? It is true that giving creates a generous feeling towards people. Yes ,giving is an art that one has to learn in order to promote the self-growth. Giving is directly proportional to receiving. Giving gifts to our loved ones, loving them, respecting is what will reflect back onto us. Therefore, there is a fine line between giving and receiving. Both things are like two sides of a coin. In addition, to understand why receiving is important we must consider the importance of self.

Self is something that is us, the inside of us, our own reflection is self, our soul is self. We all are connected with that one force of the Universe. Moreover, that force is clearly love. Love is such a strong emotion that keeps inside us the survival instinct alive. It develops the sense of connectivity, attitude of gratitude, generosity, care. This is where receiving comes handy. Receiving is a compliment to our own self. Receiving promotes harmony and peace within us. Receiving is that magical gift that can rejuvenate you. Imagine the day that went very awful but then somebody walks in and praises you. That particular hearing itself of that praise will leave you with a smile on your face.

King Of The Castle Gift BasketSo let us receive for the sake of our own self.

1. Compliment Yourself – To learn the art of receiving is important. This practice will allow us to be able to receive from others. Stand in front of the mirror and compliment your amazing self. You could do this by initially starting to compliment your body. Then your eyes, nose, hands and everything that you are blessed with. This exercise will contradict your self-esteem. In addition, it will make you feel happy about yourself. This way you will never be afraid of receiving compliments from other people.

2. Make Eye Contacts – This is another way of raising your self-esteem. If you want to make the feeling of receiving work, then look into the eyes of the people you talk to. Receiving something directly from making eye contact gives you a sense of relief and good confidence.

Hole In One Golf Gift Basket3. Deny Refusals – Refusing to receive leaves us incomplete and empty. Our psychological hunger is never satisfied. We mostly do this due to our false ego that refuses us not to receive. In addition, at the end of the day we are left with frustrations and aggressiveness. So avoid these negative emotions and receive people’s love and positivity towards you.

4. Acceptance – As it is rightly said, “Gracious acceptance is an art”. So be confident and learn to accept. Do not be scared of getting close to people. Remember: this is something that will raise your consciousness. In addition, it will make you aware how beautiful the world is. Receiving will make you fall in love with yourself. Hence, from there on everything starts to fall in place. Such is the power of Receiving.

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8 Responses to “Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving?”

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  • Olivia:

    Sure, if you love someone, you give all of yourself without wanting anything back.

  • shaunncor:

    people believe they should be independent

  • Debbie:

    I love such moments of receiving, moments of connection
    we become more intimate

  • Elbert Bowers:

    Giving gifts is a more fulfilling experience and pleasure.. the feeling lasts for a long time.

  • Shelly:

    Being on the receiving end always feels good.

  • Amelia Burton:

    the money will not bring happiness. it is the way you spend it that really counts. giving a gift is one of the ways you can acquire real happiness and connect with somebody

  • Penny:

    interesting article and great tips

  • Cecil:

    I know of some ladies who doens’t like to receive gifts. It’s so strange. One of them always make gifts to the husband, but doesnt like to receive from him. Not a typical women.

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