Knowing When to Give a Gift

Knowing When to Give a Gift There are some occasions where gift giving is obvious – to family at Christmas, on birthdays, during anniversaries, and so forth. Giving to friends and family during holidays and on special occasions is usually a no-brainer, but for people whom we are not as close to a gift may, or may not, be necessary.

When you are uncertain whether a gift is in order look at how close you are to the recipient – are you a relative? Do you see them often? Are you close with their parents? Also consider whether you are at a party – if you go to a birthday party you should bring a gift, but if it just happens to be a co-worker’s birthday at work you need not worry.

Many occasions have an expectation of gifts, and for that reason we have gift registries. Never go to a bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding, without a nice gift!

Floating Globe Executive Decoration You can always give a gift when you feel a reason occur. Do not wait for a holiday if you feel the person is in need or deserving of a gift, such as being ill, saying thank you, or getting a promotion. When new neighbors appear greet them with a nice gift of homemade treats or gift cards to local restaurants. The same goes for friends and relatives who need housewarming gifts!

When someone closes a chapter of their life it is best to mark it with a gift. Such occasions include retirement and when friends or family move away. Usually a more ceremonial gift is appropriate, unless you are close to them then something personal is perfect.

You can bring gifts for business clients, for hosts of parties you attend, but these are entirely optional choices and it is not a social faux pas not to. In the end it is up to your discretion to dictate how you handle your particular situation, but when in doubt giving a small gift is better than no gift!

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8 Responses to “Knowing When to Give a Gift”

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  • Sunshimne:

    gifts for wedding are very important, they help the new couple establish their home and prepare for children

  • Wind:

    In my opinion, the flowers will be enough for the bridal shower. But for wedding.. it’s better to discuss gift ideas previously.

  • Dendon:

    it’s gift etiquette, if you receive an invitation to a graduation party or housewarming party, you need to prepare a gift or send it

    • Lee:

      I did not personally give the basket for my friends. I have sent it to another state. the picture looked good, hope they liked it.

  • Ted7home:

    I take a gift if my friends invited me to their home! It is considered good etiquette to bring a host/hostess gift for dinner parties.

  • Jerrq:

    if you coudn’t be there, you may send a basket, they appreciate that

  • Naldo:

    something personal would be perfect, but if I don’t know her hobby / interests what could I give?

    • Michael Brut:

      Flowers, a little toy, depends on your means… if you have a lot of money then give overpriced designer handbag, expensive jewelry etc.

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