Most Appropriate Gifts are the Gifts of Love

More Than LoveThe art of gift giving was best practiced by O Henry’s holiday classic named “The Gift of the Magic”. So move on to the O Henry’s guidance, if you are still struggling between what to gift to someone or what not to show your appreciation.

Here is a story that is a perfect example for how to express the gratitude of appreciation with the gift of love. There was a young couple who were in love with each other. Each of them wanted to express their affection by giving each other the best possible gift they could. But the only problem on their way was shortage of money. The woman, knowing the fact that her man loves the gold watch presented it to him but could not wear it due to the absence of the fob chain. To show her love, she sold her most important possession, that is, her hair. Not aware of this, the man knowing that the lady loves accessories for her hair, sold his gold watch to buy the hair adornments for her.

Six Important Tips for Giving Gifts in Just the Perfect Way

Love Me Tender1. Simplify your Expectations
Give yourself at least 20 minutes in a day. Move out without any tech gear or any such thing and cherish the fresh air. Think about the person you love the most. Think – what is something that is invaluable for them? What do you think is the thing or quality that you most like about them? Imagine a scenario that what would have been the best and most lovable gift that you would have presented to them if you had no money. You can consider ideas from magazines, some handmade cards or anything like this that your beloved will love.

2. Best Gift can be your Presence
Well this may sound vague, but it’s true because things are temporary but moments are uncherished. The best gift that you can present to the person you love is giving them your time. You can do this by simply making a call and listening to their heart and their voice. This will surely be appreciated more than any sorts of physical gifts.

 Love in the Dark Gourmet Gift Basket 3. Stop Being a Brave Warrior
O’Henry’s story clearly shows – try to take advice of others, if you are stuck in a situation of choosing the best gift for someone, there is no harm in consulting others. It might be possible that you end up buying something that is more creative and presentable.

4. Make a Deadline
I found out what I haven’t till December 22nd . While you are out to purchase gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, make sure that you set a date that is much before the day you have to give the present. This way will help you to get rid of all the stress and enjoy the real essence of the occasion.

5. Recover your sense of humor.

6. Laughter and a good sense of humor can actually do wonders in the most contagious situations of disease and sorrow also.

7. Keep yourself away from all the adventures of vacations, and relax by simply going to a field trip. One of the best things I love is going to a place where the Santa pictures are captured, relaxing with a mug of tea and noticing people through various walks of life.

Well, now it’s you who needs to think about the possible gifts that you have received or given to anyone. Or what could have been the substitutes for them.

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12 Responses to “Most Appropriate Gifts are the Gifts of Love”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Myra Carroll:

    sure, things are temporary. don’t get stuck on them /

  • Wanda:

    interesting story
    I would be grateful for ANY gift

    • Dianna Cox:

      agree… i would be very pleased that he thought of me enough to buy me anything. :D It’s sweet.

  • Daisy Shelton:

    Well, even if I wasn’t really pleased with the gift, I would be happy that he thought enough of me to spend his money on my for basically a dumbass holiday.

  • Jasmine:

    as regards me, I get plenty of gifts and baskets from family and friends that I really don’t need nor want, but just say thank you and smile :D

    • Gerardo Lloyd:

      Just need to give Diamonds, it’ll outlast any other gift! :D :D

      • Jasmine:


  • Roberta:

    Diamonds… Well, that depends on the women. I don’t really go too many places where I would need to wear diamonds.

    What I would like to get, is a gift card. I could buy purses, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything I want. I LOVE gift cards… Lol.

  • Sheldon:

    Some see this holiday as obligation, others see opportunity for a nice time.

  • TobCrue:

    Also, a romantic candlelight dinner and then a night full of love :D That would be a fine Valentine’s, I think.

  • Lucille:

    diamonds never really impressed me. there are other things that are much more important to me.

  • Xemro:

    Thank you so much…I can stop stressing about budget now!

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