Motivational Tech Gifts for Vacations

Motivational Tech Gifts for Vacations The vacations have finally arrived. Many feel a sense of unaccomplishment when the year comes to an end. Are you one of those who ask themselves where did the year go at the end of the year?. Thinking things like you could have traveled to more of the places around the world, pursued your dreams or things like doing this or that.

Technology related gifts are the best ones to gift to anyone. From my point of view, the technology gifts are routinely used by us and are the most essential gifts that can help in the achievement of our everyday goals. The below tech gear is a form of technology gift that you can give it to someone and you will find that it is a way to live life in an exciting way.

The tech gift I am talking about here is the Sound-sticks by Harmon and Kardon. Most of us know that music soothes our soul and is a way of inspiring our lives. In fact with the help of this tech device by the Soundsticks, you can install it as a piece of art in the living room. It made an extraordinary impact at the New York MoMA after already being a pioneer in the music devices and also with a unique look that adds to its elegance.

Vacation In Italy Gift SetThe speaker’s design is made so that it actually makes the magical sound-scapes that can fill up the empty spaces of your room. The Soundsticks in fact now come equipped with blue-tooth, so even cords cannot be a disturbance to good music.

Tablet: I am not such a huge fan of Amazon, so I prefer not to take on to the tablet this time. But for all those who are regularly in touch with web publications, it’s time to go for a tablet. And to add to the fortunes, the market is also blooming to a high this season. As a result, there are ample of choices available, so you don’t need to spend money to buy books on the spot for reading.

Go Pro: Experimenting in an adventurous manner is one of my New Year’s Resolution this time. It’s not something like emptying my drawer to keep on the medals. But I realized living in an adventurous hub like California, I must take full advantage of it. Various adventurous activities like gliding, sky diving, scuba diving, kayaking, skiing, surfing and multiple others can be done over here. And with the help of Go Pro, I can upload my exhilarating videos on the web. It’s not new, as many athletes and some outdoor junkies are already doing the same through the Go Pro for the entire world to view.

Vacation in Paris Gift SetGo Pro is an unbelievable tech gear or camera that captures the finest of images and videos. Even if you are underwater or up the hills, its distinct features like waterproof and mountable let it capture any occasion under any circumstances. In fact, it’s a new excuse to go through these adventurous activities for me.

Wii U: Video games, apart from bringing the element of fun, are also known for bringing people together. This is because when people play video games, they sit together and spend quality time. This is best done by the most inventive folks of Nintendo. The all new Wii U is an updated version of original game Wii that is still popular among the masses.

There are some features that distinguish the newer one from the older one. The Wii had the simple and ergonomic controller design, whereas the newer Wii U comes with a multi functional controller. It features decent sized screen, controls for game-play, TV and internet. It’s a great opportunity for the game makers as it comes with the interconnected dual screen.

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8 Responses to “Motivational Tech Gifts for Vacations”

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  • georgia morales:

    we bought tech gifts this Christmas for our members of family, everyone has a new smartphone

  • Roderick:

    I’m thinking of buying a smart watch

  • Tracy Adkins:

    the best gift to buy is a kindle
    or a kindle book as a gift for somebody who has a kindle

  • Catherine Sullivan:

    I have spent too much money on phones last few months. I’m thinking about getting a smart watch for my husband. It’s a good idea. For me, I would like classic watches…

  • Bill Gonzalez:

    Thinking about getting a really nice RC helicopter. Think it would be a fun hobby for my son.

  • Leon Santos:

    SoundLink® on-ear Bluetooth® headphones. very useful when going to the gym and while at work.

    • Melvin Bush:

      pretty good gift and recharge is fast. clear, rich audio, even in windy or noisy environments.

  • Daniel:

    I don’t buy gifts. Sending cards is enough for me. Give someone a gift card instead, as they might not want the gift at all. Seriously, consider it.

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