New Trends in Wedding Gifts

New Trends in Wedding GiftsWeddings have always been a great delight. It is a tradition to bring wedding gifts for the blessed couple. There has been a drastic change in the type of wedding gifts given nowadays. In earlier times, couples were not so advanced as they are today. Guests would bring much simpler gifts for the couple. They never put much thought before buying one. It was considered to be a meager formality and traditional gifts like blenders, dinnerware and linens were presented to the bride and groom.

Nowadays, story is quite different. Guests want their gift to be very different from others. They want the celebrated couple to feel very special on their big day. Therefore, much stress is laid on selecting a gift, which is useful and unique at the same time. Guests who have better idea about the personality and tastes of the both the bride and groom are better served while selecting a practical gift.

Champagne & Caviar There are so many ideas which can be taken into consideration while shopping for the couple’s wedding gift. Starting with home decoration, like nice paintings, flower vases will really flourish the living place. There are such exemplary show pieces available in the market; try and find one which relates to the bond of a husband and wife entering new phase of their lives. Try to gift a photo frame with beautiful pictures of bride and groom framed in it. They will surely love this gesture. Then there are gift ideas individually for the bride and groom. For example, a fine bottle of champagne for the groom is a sophisticated way of congratulating him on his wedding. An exquisite wristwatch is also a wise gift for the groom. Stylish Bouquets are always a great rescue if someone is in hurry to buy a present for wedding. For the brides, jewelry is something that always attracts them. Beautiful earrings or a fine necklace will add extra spark to her beauty. Then branded makeup kits will do wonders for the bride, because the bride will be wearing heavy make up for quite few days after her marriage. Some kitchenware and dinner sets can also come handy for her after marriage.

Indulge in Love Gift BasketFunding the honeymoon of bride and groom is the latest trend in wedding gifts. It is like a dream come true since all couples prefer going out to exotic locations after getting married. Such honeymoon packages are expensive and are usually gifted by the parents of couple or with the contribution of some friends. Some guests also fund the adventure trips of couple like sky diving and scuba diving. Couples cherish these moments of togetherness.

Ultimately, a wedding gift is a token of one’s love for the bride and groom. All gifts are appreciated by the couple but put some thought and your gifts could really stand out among the rest. The gift should make the couples wedding an unforgettable one for them. To the extent that they should remember your gift while celebrating their wedding anniversaries for years to come.

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14 Responses to “New Trends in Wedding Gifts”

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  • Ollfoster:

    I have been invited to two weddings. I was thinking about giving the money. not sure…. it’s true, the gift should make the couples wedding an unforgettable one for them

    • Kristelle:

      I don’t see any reason why you can’t choose something you think they’d like and give that to them instead

      • knotties44:

        I think if bride and groom are planning the honeymoon, guests will understand the plans and probably just give cash instead of gift.

    • Teressa:

      it’s very widely known and accepted to give money as a gift :) So don’t stress!

  • classy:

    If the the bride and groom wish to receive money as a gift instead of boxed gifts, they just don’t register for gifts.

  • Banana:

    People have been giving money as gifts for decades before paypal or money registries ever existed :)

  • artdesig:

    A friend of mine is having a destination wedding, I originally planned to go but then I had to decline due to some reasons. I wanna send a basket with tasty treats and bottle of champagne. Hope it will reach him in great shape.

  • Leslie:

    Thank you! I’m going to wedding, it’s will help me

  • Indoosir:

    Wedding gift is a very important thing, a lot of people may worry for how to choose a perfect gift. it depends on the relationship we have with someone. My favorite thing to do is create something. maybe give a home-furniture, decor

  • Carol Guess:

    I like giving gifts. Just becausse I enjoy it. I’m the same way in real life though.

  • ecommerce website design:

    Thanks for sharing the wedding gift ideas.

  • Dav:

    my wife makes baskets!!! personalized gift baskets filled with chocolates and yummy snacks.

  • Juana:

    wow awesome ideas..

  • Alma:

    I would love to have a teddy as a gift in my wedding…

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