New Year’s Eve Party Food Ideas!

New Year's Eve Party Food Ideas!New Year’s is a great time to celebrate the good times you have had and to look forward to all the promise that the future brings. A New Year’s party is a great way to get together and celebrate! Yet, many cultures believe that certain foods bring bad luck for New Year’s so be sure that what you serve will only bring you future joy.

Even if you are not traditional by nature you should still observe certain traditions if your family or friends are mindful of, out of respect to them. So bone up on these different New Year’s quirks to throw the best party ever!

Certain foods are seen as bad luck when eaten before a New Year. Since lobster move backwards some people believe that eating lobster makes you move backwards instead of forwards into the New Year! Luck also goes hand in hand when serving chicken, turkey or other birds – avoid flying creatures, as luck is sure to fly away from you if you serve them.

Of course, that means that some foods are good luck! Main dishes should be made of fish or pork (sometimes cooking both is best since many people dislike fish twice the luck!) Fish are a symbol of fertility across the world and they will bring a plentiful New Year when served on New Year’s eve. Some small shrimp in a cocktail sauce is a classy appetizer and a nice alternative to households who are not too fond of fish. Pork is a Mediterranean meal for New Year’s, so impress your in-laws by serving it.

For a side dish full of good luck you cannot get much better than black eyed peas or lentils (or both!). Beans are a vital part of New Year’s in many cultures, and including them will please your ethnic friends. There are also fascinating traditions of baking a cake with a coin and whosoever has the coin in their piece gets the most luck in the New Year.

Snowmans Surprise Gift BasketGreen is the color of new growth and is a sign of new growth and luck in many cultures. It is also the color of money, so green foods are thought to be lucky because they will bring financial prosperity in the upcoming year when served on New Year’s Eve.

Research up on the traditions and cultural beliefs of New Year’s and tailor your party to suit your family, and your guests! It will be a memorable party and a great way to start a new year. Lastly, remember not to be offended if your guests do not clean their plates, because that is a traditional way to ensure a bountiful coming year. Left behind food means coming prosperity!

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11 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Party Food Ideas!”

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  • Stella:

    Love the idea of baking a cake with a coin

  • Jill:

    Thakn you for your post and interesting traditions indicated.

  • Meo:

    In Germany, it’s traditionally to leave a little bit of each food on your plate to guarantee a stocked pantry in the New Year.

    • Westlife:

      In the Philippines it’s traditionally to leave food on the table at midnight if you want a plentiful year to come.

  • Doze:

    This weekend is a food fest for me

  • Paad:

    there are different traditional foods. we traditionally serve Black-eyed Peas

  • Kimberley:

    but we are always subjected to pork chops and sauerkraut

  • Morgan:

    I don’t like blackeyed peas and I do not cook any of these traditional items

  • Norma:

    Mochi is one of the traditional foods eaten in Hawaii

  • Darrin:

    What are your plans for Christmas Eve?

    • Jasmine:

      I’m just going to celebrate with my parents the way we always do

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