Nifty but Thrifty: Great Gifts on a Budget

Nifty but Thrifty: Great Gifts on a BudgetEveryone loves the warm fuzzies we get from gift giving, but nobody has a limitless purse. Today more and more people are struggling to stay on a budget. Although being on a budget does not mean you cannot give gifts!

When giving a gift most people begin with common sense decisions. First, how close are you to the recipient of the gift? A gift for a distant relative is unlikely to be as costly as one for a best friend, right? Then what is the occasion? When celebrating a wedding you will spend more than you would on a birthday.

Does your budget change from one month to the next? Be wary giving epic gifts when times are good, because those who get gifts during hard times may be irritated. It is a good idea to stock up on nice general gifts when you have the spare cash so that you are prepared if an unexpected birthday or promotion pops up!

This is why planning is so important! If you have money now, and your sister’s birthday is next month, buy the gift now (as long as it is non-perishable). Ensure that you have each occasion covered by planning in advance and then you can save up should the need present itself. For the seasonal holidays, it is a great idea to start buying early to avoid a last minute rush when shelves are as empty as wallets.

Truffle Decadence From Godiva For people you are not close with, do not be afraid to go small. Your employer, children’s teachers, postman, and so forth, will appreciate any sized gift. In these cases some tasty homemade treats or chocolates are more than enough.

Do not be afraid to regift – but do it intelligently. If your sister gave you an ugly sweater, and you are at a family party where your sister is present, then do not decide that is the right moment to give that ugly sweater to your aunt! Imagine how irritated your sister would be if she saw that. Instead regift to circles of people who do not interact, such as regifting that sweater to a friend or co-worker who will never run into your sister.

Lastly, be willing to join in with others! Sometimes multiple people going in on a gift together produces the best presents. For smooth sailing while gifting have everyone agree on the item before it is bought, and equally divide the cost per person. One thing to note is that presents from multiple people should be an impressive gift, not a cop out to pay less. At a baby shower, have two people go on in a high chair, not ten. Ensure that you place a trustworthy individual in charge of the item until it is going to be given.

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12 Responses to “Nifty but Thrifty: Great Gifts on a Budget”

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  • Lucas:

    People who budget have a good sense of the future

  • Miranda:

    surely, being on a budget means you’re smart :) and not poor

    • Less:

      I think you are right! There is often that stigma when you mention your own budget that people think you are poor :///

      • market64:

        oohh yeahh, I get that feeling at work often because I generally bring my lunch rather than buying it

        • Less:

          they care about their status and reputation and not about health. Never mind!

  • Avy:

    to save your money try to make your own gift basket

    • Kit:

      but if the ingredients are too expensive??

      • Avy:

        not a problem, make a cake :)

  • Alvin:

    If that sweater is so ugly why not give it back to the sister for her BD??? lol

    • Quinns:


  • Linsy:

    OMG!!! Seriously?? You guys actually spend your time and energy thinking about what other people might think about you and your budget???????

  • Klaxon:

    “Your employer, children’s teachers, postman, and so forth, will appreciate any sized gift.”
    I’d say that the postman will appreciate your sized parcels :)

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