Picking a Gift for a Video Gamer

Picking a Gift for a Video Gamer Video Games!… Oh look at those wide eyes the moment you say Video Games. See that tells that video games are everyone’s favorite. Men, boys of any age would always love to play those long hour games if you gift them one. Video games are one of the most favorite pastimes that is loved by everyone. Well, this could be another way to keep them engaged. Whateever you say,video games open the door to the completely new world for hours.

Isn’t it? So let’s find out what are the games that you should select. Gifting it as a gift will definitely make your buddies adore this idea. In addition, there are some thoughts to keep active in your mind while choosing the best gaming gifts. There are accessories and download content other than video games.

1. Let’s be honest: it is not really easy to find a gift for a game geek. So research a little before you go and pick up a game directly. See as to what he has already. His collection of games will give you a insight into his particular love for game type.

2. If you are not sure of the choice of game you should pick, here is a mild suggestion. “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” is the biggest game of every year, “Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor”, “Far Cry 4”, “Dragon Age: Inquisition”, “Destiny” and “Assassin’s Creed: Unity”. These are the latest blockbusters that will be worth buying.

3. X-Box 1 and Play Station 3 are topping the lists of the video games. If your buddy already has X box 360 or PS 3, then gift them the following games. “Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom”,” Borderland: The Pre-Sequel” and “Assassins Creed: Rogue”.

Big Game Day Gift Set 4. If the gift is for a younger member of your family, probably, a kid, then there is no better potion than the following games. “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes”, “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” and “Sky Landers Trap Team”.

5. Almost every person nowadays is a football fan. Who in the world of sports enthusiasts could have missed the FI FA 2014? So keep up that spirit of playing football young. So for the football people “FI FA 15”, “Pro Evolution Soccer 2015” will be a good choice. For wrestling fans-”WWE 2015” and for the baseball fans “MLB 14”.For the basket ball lovers “NBA 2015”.

6. For the shooter fans and shotgun lovers Sniper Elite 3 is quite a good option. Plus, it is comparatively cheaper.

6. Besides giving them the video games, you can also try your hands at gifting them the accessories. Such as headsets, chargers and controllers.

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8 Responses to “Picking a Gift for a Video Gamer”

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  • darnell allison:

    gaming accessories is the best gift for such person

  • ravishoftres:

    i would prefer a gift card, like psn/marketplace cards

  • Uberewell:

    Gaming accessories are always a perfect idea. Or a giftcard to gameshop.

  • Gretfdny:

    I love gta5, it is an open world, action-adventure video game
    got it last Christmas
    good gift, if the recipient doesn’t have this one

    • Nor.doter:

      Amazing game. A beautiful, expertly realised world.

  • Sam:

    Call of duty, this game is actually quite good. Not terrible. My bro guess it’s an absolute waste of time and money :D

  • Sara:

    mu husband bought PlayStation 4 last year and he has some of games listed above.. I would like to buy the second controller specially for me, love two-person games

  • Doug:

    Awesome ideas. Thank you so much!!!!

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