Reasons To Celebrate Memorial Day

Reasons To Celebrate Memorial DayA tribute to people who have fallen dead in the War

Memorial Day, a mark of beginning of summer vacations for some people but it is the day of remembering those brave lion-hearted soldiers who died while serving American armed forces. A federal holiday in America, it is a tribute to American military soldiers who have lost their life in protecting their country’s prestige and honor. Celebrated every year on the last Monday of May, it is also known as Decoration Day, which was started after the American Civil war fought in 1868. On this day, the graves of soldiers died in war are decorated with flowers.

Many cities and towns like N.Y., Columbus, Ga, Charleston, S.C., claimed to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, but it is still not clear where the day has actually originated. For Charleston, this Memorial Day is a heart touching sign when the country started to revamp itself after losing 257 Union soldiers who were prisoners in Charleston during Civil war, and who died in the prison. They were buried in graves with no name marked on them. A black resident of Charleston town to pay tribute to those soldiers marks the day of May month to celebrate the Memorial Day.

In Loving Memory Gift Basket of Sweets Memorial Day has started being celebrated in southern states, but eventually northern states also started to celebrate this day. It was formerly known as Decoration Day but changed its name into Memorial Day. After World War II, it has gained lots of followers and became national identity but it was not officially named Memorial Day until 1967. It was celebrated on 30th May. On June 28, 1968, it was officially declared as Memorial Day by Congress to celebrate last Monday of May in the memory of decesead soldiers.

Final Journey SprayOn this day, the national flag of the United States of America is raised nimbly to the top of the staff and then sleekly put down low to the half-staff position. Afternoon flag is raised to full-staff for the remaining part of the day. Men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving their country are remembered in the half-staff position. People who have risen up and continue to fight for justice and liberty but are in vain raised the memory of those who had fought for justice and liberty and sacrificed their lives.

Memorial Day is celebrated on the west lawn of the United States capital. The whole event is broadcasted on PBS and NPR. More than 1000 parades are held in the memory of soldiers in all small and large cities of America. Military parades, along with veterans and military vehicles in which national guards another serviceman participate and music are performed in the memory of deceased soldiers. Politician, ministers, and veterans all give their speech on this day and remember the martyrs. People belonging to different religions come together to pay their tribute to the national heroes.

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10 Responses to “Reasons To Celebrate Memorial Day”

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  • Cheryl:

    God bless America, and God bless her heroes!

  • Alex:

    May we never forget our fallen heroes.

  • Kathy:

    Thank you to those who are in our armed forces today :)

  • Angelo:

    Thank you for such a nice post. GOD Bless the fallen and their families.

  • Alice:

    USA <3 FOR EVER !!!!

  • Ruth:

    We have something like Memorial Day in Canada. It’s called Remembrance Day. We do not celebrate it for it is not something to celebrate..

  • Lowell Martinez:

    Thank you for giving me the Freedom. I will always be grateful.

  • stalker:

    wow…. sad.

  • Leticia:

    This is so sad :( Also happy mermerial day.:)

  • Thers:

    i’m goona cry………….

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