Reasons to Present House Warming Gifts

Reasons to Present House Warming GiftsSummer is the time of season when one can expect as many visitors to arrive. Well, now if you are expecting a visitor, what you just need to think about is starting cleaning 24 hours before you expect your visitor to arrive. But on the contrary, if you are visiting someone, one question that piles up in your mind is that do you need to take a gift? And what is the possible gift that you can take?

Answer: Well the sure short answer is yes. It’s a good gesture to take along the gift when you visit someone. It is not needed if you are going to a pizza party or just movies. What can be done is to buy something small that can be a part of the gathering. Well I can see the question popping up all the time on the web that, “Why does every occasion need to be a gift giving one”?

To answer this, I would just say calm down and relax. Here are some reasons that will clear the question about bringing gifts for a housewarming party.

Tea Party Gift Stack A gift actually is a sign of appreciation of the time and effort invested by the host to have you at the party in the first place.

While throwing housewarming party, the host is playing multiple roles of chef, activities, bartender, server, janitor and many others at the same time. And believe me it is not an easy job, it is rather exhausting at times. And in return for their hospitality, if you take a gift, it will serve as a warm token of appreciation.

Also, it lets you overcome the awkwardness of staying at a friend’s place.

We are not into saying that re-gifting must be done but some people have the habit to pile up things that even don’t get used. So why not use them as warm gifts of appreciation that could be of use to others. It also gives you a good excuse to buy new wines, chocolates and gifts.

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15 Responses to “Reasons to Present House Warming Gifts”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Mattie Mathis:

    Alcohol – it’s fancy.. to stock the bar. Hendricks gin, a small batch whiskey, that sort of thing.

  • Jessica:

    The gift card has always been so well received and greatly appreciated.

  • Oscar:

    I buy something decorative for the kitchen
    a bottle of wine!

  • Louise:

    I love buying things for people so I look for a gift for our friends. Wine and glasses are nice, I think.

  • Boone:

    I generally give alcohol if I know they’re drinkers. If they’re not drinkers, then a gift card.

  • Billieho:

    I’ve decided to have a party and invite you guys! Gifts are not expected, but appreciated

  • Ida Rhodes:

    maybe the Grill basket with Grilling Papers, BBQ Sauce ingredients. This is my absolute must have in my kitchen… They’ll love this gift, this actually tastes like grilled food! Sears everything perfectly!!!

    • Lila:

      I love this idea… and how about a nice assortment of unique tea or a good coffee?

      • Ida Rhodes:

        That sounds good. That could very well turn out to be one of the most useful things the recipient got.

  • Pearl Hicks:

    My favorite gift for housewarming party:
    Bread – So you never go hungry. Wine – So your life is always sweet. Salt – So there is always spice in your life. And a Candle – So you always have light

  • Johanna:

    The best housewarming gifts we got were houseplants and sets of hand soap & hand lotion for the kitchen

  • Angie:

    A pineapple or some other fruit would be a good choice.

  • Goihy:

    and what about a plate of yummy homemade cookies??

    • Peggy James:

      Wine and cookies are always nice ;)

    • Essie:

      I also usually bring wine and something I’ve baked

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