Saying No to Gifts

Saying No to Gifts Usually a gift is a surprise that is greeted with a smile, but not always. Sometimes gifts appear that are unwanted, undesirable, too expensive, or simply inappropriate. These are a powder keg of social situations that leave people in an awkward position.

First, who gave you the gift and what are the circumstance around it? If you just helped your neighbor move in then accept their kind return gesture of cookies, whether you eat oatmeal cookies or not (your son’s soccer team will like them though!). If you just landed a huge account for your boss then his sending a gift is entirely appropriate. So before you question the person or return a gift stop and think (or ask) why you are getting the gift.

Not all circumstances are good ones. When you have ended a relationship with a person you may find them trying to get back into your good graces by sending a gift, usually flowers. The best way to turn them down is by explaining that it is over and you refuse to see them in that light again. Be firm, decisive, but kind.

When a person is given a gift with romantic expectations attached it is best to be honest and upfront. Do not be afraid to say no on the grounds of not knowing each other well enough. If they persist you can tell them you cannot accept it because you do not feel the same.

Coffees and Teas and Cocoas, Oh My Many times it is not awkwardness, it is simply policy that keeps a gift from being kept. Many businesses and governmental employees are prohibited from accepted gifts, due to them being looked upon as bribes. This can happen in many kinds of businesses and should be addressed with a simple explanation, be it verbally in person or written, that states the policy and your gratitude for their intentions.

Expensive gifts can be a bit tricky. Sometimes people want to treat others – and if your husband, sister, best friend, etc., has decided to make this year just a little special you may very well want to let it slide. If someone has gone too above and beyond, by giving an expensive gift when you are not intimately associated, do not feel bad about refusing it with a polite thank you for the gesture, and the simple reason that it is too much of an expense.

Tacky gifts are tricky and you should exercise caution before refusing anything just because you find it to be tacky. Most people put thought into their gift, but not every gift can be a home run. If they tried just accept the gift – especially if it is a tacky sweater knitted by your grandmother. Remember that you can always play the regifting game with it. Refusing a gift simply because you do not like it is rude and should be handled very delicately.

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13 Responses to “Saying No to Gifts”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Cruzz:

    I love to receive the gifts! it’s always a surprise, especially from my boyfriend

  • Ann Jest:

    For me it’s always a problem, since my boyfriend give me not only small presents but also REALLY Expensive ones. We have been dating for a few months. and.. sometimes Im a little confused and I dont know how should I react?

    • Lilli:

      never mind, just accept these presents :D you should be happy

    • Graig:

      shit happens :D
      P.S I find that hard to believe that it’s a problem

  • Marci:

    you can always donate unwanted gifts

    • Magdaline:

      or sell them on the auction sites

  • Mira H:

    You may not be thankful for the gift, but you should be thankful for the love and friendship, just regift it

  • Nadad:

    try selling gifts online on ebay or amazon… or swap them

  • Rennie:

    I save all the gifts, there may be a chance that the unwanted present you received may be of use to you sometime in the future.

  • Shirl:

    I love it when the receipt is included with a gift, so I could exchange it for something I like more. in the meantime, I feel uncomfortable telling the person who gave me the gift that I exchanged it.

  • Ulrika:

    Hmmmmm… if I get something I don’t like? I usually thank the person and just don’t use the gift.

    • Serena%):

      You can regift it ;)

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