Skill of making your Gifts Inexpensive

Skill of making your Gifts Inexpensive It’s quite hard to purchase hundreds of gifts together. Wonder why would I do it? It is for festivals like Christmas. Ok. I agree. Hundreds is a bit of bragging. But, my visitors list easily exceeds 50 every year. And who are all these people. Friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, even the most shortlisted list goes above 50. And by the time I manage to finish collecting gifts for all of them and make it fit within the budget, I feel like a single ant trying to build a whole colony. Over the years, I have somehow managed to find the knack of creating impressive but inexpensive gifts. Innovative gift ideas spring from just anywhere if you choose too hard.

One of my secrets is purchasing the gifts for the next Christmas by the third week of January. Of course, I hear you sighing “What, another shopping? Who has the money, time, strength?” But, trust me. It will save you quite a lot of holiday shopping money. I saw several wonderful sweaters which would have been quite useful to my elder relatives, being sold for $59 when they were introduced shortly before Christmas. They reached $40 by Christmas. By the middle of January, they were selling for $25 and I bought them for 50% off from that price after a week. I bought four sweaters for the price one was sold initially. It did make quite an impressive gift the next year. This is not the case with sweaters alone. I have saved a lot buying beautiful baskets. What are attics for other than storing them? I filled them with spaghetti sauce one year and a jelly collection for children another year. One year I filled them with muffin tins and dried beans soups. Believe me, food items become quite cheap when purchased in bulk, especially, during Christmas. Delivering them in beautifully decorated, quality baskets makes your gift elegant, useful and unbelievably affordable.

Another one of my favorite gift ideas is exchanging “gift coupons”. Not the costly ones which can be used in malls. These are simple handmade cards with promises to help each other physically. My kids will give me coupons with statements like “I will brush your hair everyday ten minutes for the next fortnight”, my personal favorite or “I will wash the car without payment for this month”. They exchange similar gifts with each other saving me a lot on holiday expenses. And if there is a newly married uncle or aunty with toddlers, the kids offer to clean their apartment, take their dog for a walk and babysit everything for free. These gift coupons matter much more to the relatives than our memorable presents.

A Few of Her Favorite Things What are gifts without something yummy to eat? Homemade cookies top the list when it comes to any festival eatable gifts. But, the time and effort you put into them will make you weary. I have an idea for that too. Make your favorite delicious cookies. Instead of gifting six or ten for them for each person, pack them in packs of three or four cookies. Use decorative holiday plates, wrap the cookies colorfully, attach a bow and print and pin its recipe on top. Such decorative food wraps and plates are dead cheap after Christmas. You can gift double the amount of people with the same amount of cookies you bake. Economical, quick and impressive, isn’t it? The only problem is you shouldn’t finish it before the guests appear, tempted by its taste and packing.

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11 Responses to “Skill of making your Gifts Inexpensive”

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  • Edna M:

    I love making homemade gifts!

    • Alise:

      there is lots of fabulous gift ideas… Oh, and think of all the money you will save making these gifts.

  • Flossie:

    Thanks so much! This is a awesome blog post.

  • Helen:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Perfect timing! I was just starting to look for gifts to make for Christmas and you made my search a whole lot easier.

  • Brad:

    Hello, I am also visiting this web site regularly, this web page is really nice and the visitors are actually sharing pleasant thoughts.

  • Hazel:

    some very cute ideas

  • Hill:

    I just found your blog and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

  • Odolex:

    I would give some small chocolates and candies in a little handmade basket. and also, include delicious nuts. or make candy bouquets.

  • Marcie:

    A friend of ours bought the champagne bottle, the cutter, all those $5 items and that was our present. We gave some little vodka-style shot glasses.

  • Dina Rhodes:

    the middle of January :) Im often out of money to buy new gifts for the next year

  • Mervyn:

    Good women don’t value gifts based on their monetary value.

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