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Say “I’m Thinking of You” with Cookies!

Say "I'm Thinking of You" with Cookies!

There are many moments in life when you will want to take some cookies or send them to people. Cookies can be used for all sorts of occasions, from congratulations to sympathies. Yet they are a perfect choice even when there is no occasion!

Elderly relatives love the thought behind a gift of cookies. Send them a basket to show that their grandchild, niece, nephew, and so forth is thinking of them.
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Saying No to Gifts

Saying No to Gifts Usually a gift is a surprise that is greeted with a smile, but not always. Sometimes gifts appear that are unwanted, undesirable, too expensive, or simply inappropriate. These are a powder keg of social situations that leave people in an awkward position.

First, who gave you the gift and what are the circumstance around it? If you just helped your neighbor move in then accept their kind return gesture of cookies, whether you eat oatmeal cookies or not (your son’s soccer team will like them though!). If you just landed a huge account for your boss then his sending a gift is entirely appropriate. So before you question the person or return a gift stop and think (or ask) why you are getting the gift.

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The Perfect Flowers to Send Mom For Mother’s Day!

The Perfect Flowers to Send Mom For Mother’s Day! “Given that she brought you into this world, your mother ought to be someone you hold dear to your heart. She gave you life, cared for you as a child, and wiped your nose when you were sick. Yet mothers only get one day a year to themselves, so make it worthwhile with the best present you can give!

One of the best gifts for every mother is a potted plant or other fragrant blossom. Flowers are such a wonderful present because they are exactly the sort of gift a person would not buy for themselves – and those are the best gifts! Plan your Mother’s Day gift ahead of time to ensure you do not miss your chance to impress your mother – and we will help you by giving you a run down on the various blooms your mother would love.

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