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Saying No to Gifts

Saying No to Gifts Usually a gift is a surprise that is greeted with a smile, but not always. Sometimes gifts appear that are unwanted, undesirable, too expensive, or simply inappropriate. These are a powder keg of social situations that leave people in an awkward position.

First, who gave you the gift and what are the circumstance around it? If you just helped your neighbor move in then accept their kind return gesture of cookies, whether you eat oatmeal cookies or not (your son’s soccer team will like them though!). If you just landed a huge account for your boss then his sending a gift is entirely appropriate. So before you question the person or return a gift stop and think (or ask) why you are getting the gift.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Regifting

The Trials and Tribulations of RegiftingRegifting can be a very difficult question – do you buy something new, or use something you already have? Refusing a gift, especially just because you dislike it, is seen as an insensitive, rude gesture by most people, so unwanted gifts tend to pile up.

First off, ensure that your act of regifting will not hurt the feelings of the person who originally gave you the gift. Even if you really hate that ugly old sweater stop and consider whether or not there was some thought behind it, and if there was, maybe keep it for sentiment’s sake. Do not ask for a gift receipt – that makes it obvious that you dislike the gift and intend to get rid of it, and that will hurt their feelings.

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A Breakdown On The Gift Tax

A Breakdown On The Gift Tax Sometimes money is the right gift – elderly relatives might give young families or struggling students monetary presents, or maybe family members that are well off decide to help fiscally struggling relatives. No matter what the reason when giving large sums it is important to make note understand the legalities involved.

You may give money to anyone, regardless of their blood relation to you, and not owe taxes, not have to file a gift tax return, and not have lifetime credit applied.

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