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Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving?

Is Receiving more Difficult Than Giving? It is true that giving creates a generous feeling towards people. Yes ,giving is an art that one has to learn in order to promote the self-growth. Giving is directly proportional to receiving. Giving gifts to our loved ones, loving them, respecting is what will reflect back onto us. Therefore, there is a fine line between giving and receiving. Both things are like two sides of a coin. In addition, to understand why receiving is important we must consider the importance of self.
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Giving Gift with the Powers of Yin and Yang

Giving Gift with the Powers of Yin and Yang In life, your aim must not only be to keep yourself happy but also to keep other persons happy. You can do this by giving gifts to other persons to show them the love you have for them. Slowly and steadily, you will see that magic will evolve as passion inside you will be generated, and you will get happier. It will also make your relationship with the other person more powerful than before. In addition, the decision of helping others in the form of gifts will really give you a sense of satisfaction as well as achievement at the same time.
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Giving Home-Made Gifts

Giving Home-Made GiftsIf you are one who is experienced in giving gifts which are homemade, it is not necessary to emphasize on its benefits. You are already aware of the value of creating something unique as a gift. Also, you are aware of the cost saving associated with creating gifts rather than buying them in the shop. There is no doubt that you have already aware that the recipient of your gift is able to buy anything he wants. As such, the only way to give him a gift is to make something yourself.
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Giving Gifts at International Level

Giving Gifts at International Level When I happened to be in Denmark for a few weeks, a Danish acquaintance of mine invited me to dinner in her Copenhagen home. I bought a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums and went to my friend’s home. I offered the flowers to the host to express my goodwill but I noticed uneasiness on the faces of all guests. I couldn’t figure out why and also forgot about it in a short while as I enjoyed the evening. Only months later I came to know that Chrysanthemums are not the best flowers to be taken for a party. They are used in situations of mourning. Only then I realized that I have taken flowers that should have ended up in a cemetery, not a party. Such pitfalls are inevitable in giving gifts internationally.
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