Thanking Someone for Giving a Gift

Thanking Someone for Giving a Gift

It is difficult to comprehend why people live in some countries appear to be having better manners than those who live in other countries. Some people happen to think that sending letters to say thank you for gifts is an exception and not a norm or a rule. But it is always useful to cultivate the habit of sending letters to express your gratitude to those who send you gifts while appreciating their good gestures.

It is a good habit to send a letter saying thank you even for someone who sends the smallest possible gift for the holiday season or on any other occasion. It is not a matter to consider how commercial your gift may be but it warrants a letter with a few lines thanking the sender appreciating the value of the present he has sent. Writing a letter is always a better way to thank a person rather than giving him a telephone call for the simple reason that you go on record with your thank you letter.

The value of writing a letter is that the possibility is there for its recipient to show your letter to many others. As a result, it will be read by many people many times. Each time the letter is read by someone, the recipient will derive some pleasure. In order to make so many people happy and pleased with your letter, you only need to jot down a few lines spending just a few minutes.

Dear Jenkins,

The pack of Gourmet Cookies sent by you became the hit of the Christmas of ours. Every one of the family members enjoyed them along with the guests of ours. Everyone agreed that the chocolate chip biscuits were the tastiest. The champagne cookies were excellent and the brownies though tiny cookies were popular choices with everyone present to taste them. Each and every member in the family enjoyed the cookies and they were full of praise for the same.

Thank you for your delicious gift and appreciate your forethought a lot.

Healthy Treats Gift BasketIt won’t take anything more than a few minutes to write a letter of this sort. You may also take a minute or two to write the address on the envelope and to mail it. The recipient will feel happy that you appreciate his gift. Also, he will know that the gift he sent you has been a useful one. Probably, you will receive a better gift from Jenkins next year when the occasion arrives. In addition to making the sender of the gift happy, you also foster still better relations with him.

In case a company sends you a gift, the sales department will come to know that the gift they sent has been useful for you when they receive your thank you letter. As a result, they could improve the status of their gift giving with the feedback they get from you. This will not only help foster good relations with the company but also you help them make their gift giving more meaningful.

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9 Responses to “Thanking Someone for Giving a Gift”

Did anyone ever tell you to keep your comments to yourself? That wasn't me! I LOVE to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Paula:

    I prefer to send a letter rather than email. In some situations like “thank you”, “condolences”, “congratulations” and etc. they are more personal.

  • Obie:

    For me, a phone call is always better than a letter. I like to hear recipient’s emotions and impression. a letter could be factitious!!!

    • Saul:

      that’s fine! and I don’t like writing letters or sms

  • Hopkins:

    sending a Thank You letter with photo of gift basket would be ideally

    • Bonnie:

      something like that: thanks for the lovely gift and the delicious products…I had a wonderful time! God bless.

  • Amie:

    I am horrible at sending thank you notes, but I do take the time to say thank you.

  • Blacktt:

    there’s always something to be thankful for.. :) hold your heart.. Keep smiling and thanks to everyone

  • NiD:

    what’s the problem? it really takes is a smile and a “thank you” :D

  • Tammy Barrett:

    If ever I choose online, I will shop from amerigiftbaskets. My friends and family were pleased with their service.

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